Nanit seasoned clever baby reveal & wall mount

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  • unmatched view of your infant: get a stunning 1080p fowl’s eye view of your toddler, day or night from everywhere to your ios, android, kindle fireplace, or echo display tool. The wall mount without difficulty mounts to the wall above your crib, and consists of secure-cable management. Nanit comes with a 1-year limited producer’s warranty.
  • continually be related: hear or communicate for your baby with crystal-clear -way audio. Listen while using different apps or whilst your display is turned off with background audio. Receive real-time sound and movement notifications and reveal the temperature and humidity of the nursery to ensure they’re secure. 256-bit encryption maintains your information safe, and two-aspect authentication continues your account cozy. Invite the whole parenting team to get admission to your digicam, with adjustable person permissions.
  • sleep monitoring & guidance: nanit offers you your infant’s sleep stats each morning, plus a timelapse highlight reel of their sleep, so you can rewatch their whole night in seconds. Get customized, technology-backed sleep guidance and guidelines from the arena’s leading pediatric sleep experts, proper for your nanit app. Nanit consists of 12 months of nanit insights sleep monitoring and video records.
  • sensor-free respiratory motion monitoring: with the protected small respiration band, you can music your toddler’s breaths consistent with minute with none electronics, wires, or batteries touching them. Nanit tracks the specific sample on breathing wear to locate your child’s respiration movement from any role, in actual-time and send you signals in the event that they need you.
  • making recollections, made clean: with nanit memories covered right in your app, your nanit digital camera captures your child’s finest moments and boom milestones automatically. Have fun amusing recollections every step of the way, anywhere you are and share with friends and family irrespective of wherein they’re.
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non violent nights. Lasting memories.

the simplest hd child display that helps you to track their sleep, respiratory movement, and growth.

take the guesswork out of infant sleep with custom education primarily based on your baby’s specific sleep information. Plus, with your infant’s private sleep dashboard and tendencies, understand the whole lot from how long they slept, to how many times you visited them every night time.

the included respiration band works collectively along with your nanit pro to display your infant’s breathing motion in actual-time and provide you with a warning in the event that they need your interest without any sensors touching them.

it is a virtual scrapbook mechanically generated from your child’s sweetest moments. Accumulate and percentage with loved ones every lovable reminiscence and milestone.

whilst paired with *smart sheets, the nanit pro makes it easy to tune your baby’s peak from the comfort of their crib. As they get bigger by means of the day, file their measurements and appearance returned at how rapid they’ve grown. *offered one after the other.

product description

the nanit pro camera & wall mount mounts for your wall overhead, so you can see & listen baby with 1080p hd video and two-way audio. Plus, with sleep tracking, respiration movement monitoring and auto-reminiscence seize included, you may never leave out a component.


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5 reviews for Nanit seasoned clever baby reveal & wall mount

  1. Samantha

    Night vision lights are extremely bright and very distracting. If my baby’s eyes flicker open for even a moment, the lights catch his eye and he’s awake and just stares at them until he becomes upset and starts crying. HUGE design flaw. Read more

  2. Emily K Dempsey

    If this worked properly, it would be an amazing monitor option! The problem is the connectivity (or frequent loss of connectivity). We have 1G service to our house, multiple wireless repeaters on each floor, but still consistently lose wifi connection with the monitor despite multiple troubleshooting efforts. We still used the camera function but got a cheap, audio only, monitor to supplement. When it was connected, the audio flickers in and out non-stop, which is fine during the day but horrible when you’re trying to sleep at night. I would also wake up in the morning and it would give me the night time report that the connection was lost for a hour here, hour there, when I was asleep! It is so unreliable, I don’t trust it as my only monitor with a newborn baby. I love the Insights feature, it has a great camera and night vision, but at the end of the day I need to go to sleep knowing I will be able to hear my baby if there is an issue, which I can’t trust will happen with the Nanit. I wish I would have spent money on something else. Read more

  3. Tom H

    We initially had the Nanit (original), and although that product had great picture clarity, was easy to set up, and had a very user-friendly and intuitive app, we were having regular connectivity issues. As a result, we decided to upgrade and get this product, the Nanit Plus, which we were told by the (very patient and professional) support team, would resolve our previously reported connection problems. And although the Nanit Plus has a number of other new features and improvements, for us it was really about being able to have a stable solution that was reliably available when we needed it most – for those late-night wake-ups where you’re not sure if the baby just needs help getting their binky back, or if they’re up and need a feeding, etc. After ordering, the unit arrived promptly and was very well packaged (it seems like they took packaging design cues from Apple; everything is very neatly and efficiently placed; it’s all secure but still easy to access, with quickstart instructions right up front and nothing too heavy or looking like “package gap fillers”). As with the original Nanit, the Plus is SUPER easy to set up and install, and I had it up and running literally in about 4 minutes. It was definitely a much better install and setup experience than we’d had with other crib-cams that we’ve used from other brands. The only thing that I had to reach out to Nanit about was rolling the associated Insights service/account to the new camera. One of the things my wife and I noticed right off the bat, is that the camera’s resolution and picture clarity within the app are really sharp – the images and video are super-crisp even in nightvision mode. The sound quality is fine (let’s be honest, it’s going to be as much limited by the speakers on your smartphone as anything else, but it’s good to know that the mic and everything on the sending-side is of good quality). The Plus now also allows you to talk (or sing) to your child with an integrated speaker – something we don’t really use, but is nice to have available. Most importantly, though, the camera stays connected to the network! The Plus has a greatly improved chipset, better antenna/receiver setups, and is able to cling to the wifi network in the house far better than the Nanit original, or the Motorola we had before that. Because of the design of the Nanit with the floor mount (or wall-mount) placing it directly over the crib, you get the clearest, most unobstructed view of your child – something I didn’t necessarily think was that big a deal, until I had the Nanit. That placement is also key to the Nanit Insights – it’s their own sleep analysis service that provides you with information about the quality of your baby’s sleep. Along with insights, Nanit provides tips and pointers (based on sound clinical practice and the latest understanding of sleep behavior, sleep improvement, etc.) that are actually useful and actionable – without seeming condescending or patronizing. There are other fairly typical features associated with the Nanit like sound, motion, temperature and humidity reporting (and, you can set alerts based on user-defined thresholds or sensitivity levels for each) that are all easy to access within the app. Nanit also takes a unique approach to access, allowing the “owner” (primary user) to set up a “parenting team” of other users that can access the camera through the app. It also lets you snap pictures from the live feed, which you can share. Overall, the whole product (hardware, software, app) is exceptionally well-designed and executed. More importantly, perhaps, the company’s customer service and technical support teams are some of the best I’ve ever had to work with. When we were having connection issues with the earlier model, they were always super-patient, understanding, professional, and prompt with any followups or offline responses. Fortunately, with the Plus, you’re far less likely to ever need to contact support for an issue resolution, though. Where we used to have connection issues or have to reset or reboot previous crib-cams, we’ve had the Plus up continuously for 5 days without a single hiccup. I absolutely and unequivocally recommend Nanit to anyone who’s looking for a crib-cam solution that is feature-rich, provides crystal-clear video and audio, and is easy to set up and use. Don’t even waste your time with the other brands. Read more

  4. LG

    The camera quality is not great. There is a loud click when it switches from night vision to color picture (daytime) there is about a 5 second delay between the camera and your phone. I didn’t like the fact that some features are only available if you get a subscription. As if the monitor wasn’t pricey enough. If I wasn’t taking care of a newborn, and taking it downs wasn’t such a task, I would have returned it. Read more

  5. Sarah

    Update 10/2020 – one year in and, well, its still a good camera, but after the first free year of what is called “insights” – tells you how long baby slept, memories, review the night, nap quality, etc. – it is literally just a $300 camera. For that, get yourself a $25 Wyze cam and call it a win. Unless you want to keep paying for insights ($50/yr or $5/month). The insights price is reasonable and I really like the features, but I realize now that there are other good quality cameras on the market, not advertised as a baby cams, that are just as good (i.e. the Amazon Wyze cam). ______________________ Original review: This baby monitor is excellent! We have been using it for a few weeks with our first baby and it has been a relief. We can put him down for naps during the day (because he still sleeps at night in our room) and not worry. The app notifies you when sound or motion is detected. The best feature is that you can leave sound running in the background of your phone while you use it for other things. The picture is excellent and the night sight is particularly impressive. You can also zoom in from your phone to see the baby closer. It is a battery drainer, but still worth the purchase. Read more

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