Natural aromatherapy neck & shoulder pad with tender wrap pad for muscle rest and tension alleviation, one hundred% herbal lavender & herb spa combo, heating by microwave and cold by means of freezer (gray)

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  • [neck & shoulder pad with soft wrap]: relieve muscle ache & tension & promote relaxation with this warm & bloodless pad. The muscle heating pad will make your frame experience cozy and it could healthy any frame shape.
  • [soothing herbal aromatherapy]: with a blend of natural substances consists of lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, peppermint, flax seed & wheat, this herb heating pad will offer you a secure soothing natural aromatherapy.
  • [reusable hot or cold pad]: this herb heating pad microwavable is reusable. For heat remedy, heat it within the microwave for 30 2d increments till warm. Do no longer overheat. For cold therapy, placed it in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours. This spa therapy is ideal for street journeys, lodge stays, air-conditioned workplaces or at domestic! Please keep it in a zippered plastic bag and hold out of warm, dark or moist locations for lengthy using lifestyles.
  • [moist heating pad]: while used as a microwavable heating pads, it’ll provide physician encouraged wet warmth. No need to feature water. Get neck and shoulder pain relief and muscle rest.
  • [perfect gifts for mother’s day]: this natural heating pad is an ideal present for valentine’s day, mom’s day, ramadan. Simply revel in the soothing aromatherapy it brings to you! *****if you have any question approximately this product or utilization, kindly sense free to touch us and we can respond you in 24 hours!

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product description

does your neck and shoulder get sore and uncomfortable once in a while?simply attempt our aromatherapy neck & shoulder wrap!

  • ✔ ache melting away
  • ✔ deep muscle rest with moist warmth remedy
  • ✔ multiplied muscle flexibility
  • ✔ soothing and quality sensation
  • 100% natural filling & extremely tender plush cloth

    we use a unique and precise tender plush cowl to provide your sore areas the final revel in.

    our wraps are packed with one hundred% physician formulated combo of natures finest herbs and grains, lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, peppermint, flax seed & wheat.

    it’s perfect for those with illnesses, which include chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs), fibromyalgia, neuralgia, athletic game sprains/strains, and different conditions.

    warmness remedy & cold therapy

    heating instructions

  • smooth the microwave after which place wrap in microwave.
  • make certain turntable can rotate freely.
  • heat for 1 minute.
  • boom in 30-2d increments as wished however no longer for more than 3 minutes.
  • test the temperature for preferred warm temperature.
  • chilling commands

  • region it within the freezer for household use most effective.
  • relax the aromatherapy neck wrap for 1 to 3 hours.
  • dispose of the aromatherapy neck wrap from the freezer and begin to apply. Never observe to areas of the frame where pores and skin is damaged or in negative circumstance.
  • this isn’t a toy. Hold out of reach of youngsters.

    air-dry handiest. In no way region in a dryer.

    do not microwave for greater than 3 overall mins.

    do not submerge in water.

    do not use detergent or cleaning soap whilst cleaning.

    most effective warmth and relax this object in step with these commands.

    microwaves vary in power and might motive excessive or choppy heating.

    never warmness in a microwave rated over 1400w.

    do not overheat-may additionally damage contents and reason critical harm.

    usually take a look at this item’s temperature before use.

    in no way apply to areas of the frame in which pores and skin is broken or in negative condition.

    seek advice from your medical doctor if you have a clinical condition which can prevent safe use.

    after microwaved, it’s going to have some odor and it’s miles natural for the heated natural fillings!

    ****please examine the education manual cautiously in coloration container for greater distinctive information earlier than use! Simply enjoy it!

    8 reviews for Natural aromatherapy neck & shoulder pad with tender wrap pad for muscle rest and tension alleviation, one hundred% herbal lavender & herb spa combo, heating by microwave and cold by means of freezer (gray)

    1. Meig

      So, I ended up with Covid and although the symptoms were relatively mild, my body aches were terrible, down to the marrow in general pain.I bought this when I couldn’t get relief from the tension.After it arrived the next day, I had it around my neck and shoulders on and off for the next five days.The wrap is very well-made, heats up in about a minute and a half to two minutes in the microwave and stays warm for a good bit of time.Most importantly, it stays in place.Would highly recommend for people with neck and shoulder tension or pain.Read more

    2. Kathy

      Came with a losse seam that made the filling leak. I don’t like the smell of the filling and it takes much longer to heat than rice does. They should have sown the different compartments otherwise the filling travels to one area and you need to constantly adjust. Ordered a different one that was much better than thisRead more

    3. jenjam

      Smells nice and is soft. Beads move around so it’s not hot in some places. After 2 days my microwave burned a hole in it and I had to throw it away..Read more

    4. Nancy Z

      Purchased as a gift and the recipient loves it. Smells great.Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      NOT wonderful. It’ll hear up EVENTUALLY but definitely would recommend purchasing a different one. Don’t waste your money. Also- no aromatherapy AT ALL.Read more

    6. D.Schibel

      Smells great, heats up in the microwave nicely. Really like it cold from the feezer. Both the warmth and the cold are wonderful wrapped over my shoulders at the end of the day. My wife sure enjoys the soothing smell and warmth across her shoulders and neck while she reads and sips her tea. Though I may have to buy another so we can both sit here and soothe our old sore muscles together. Haha. It’s soft, nicely sized for most people, not too heavy, but enough weight to keep it in place. Oh, did I mention it smells great? Every once in a while, so far only twice, a little piece of herb, I assume, pokes out of the material. No big deal. Very happy with it.Read more

    7. Jim Landry

      While the smell is nice, the product doesn’t hold heat as much as I thought. I put it in the microwave for two minutes and it really isn’t that hot. I have had others that hold heat a lot better.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      I love this product. We now have to. But he lasts a long time. Very soothing and relaxing.Read more

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