Organic bamboo nursing breast pads – 14 washable pads + wash bag – breastfeeding nipple pad for maternity – reusable nipplecovers for breast feeding (pastel touch, huge four. 8″)

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  • 14 % + laundry bag + gift bag – enough to ultimate you for a week. To clean, genuinely put it inside the laundry bag. No extra concerns about losing a bit!
  • top notch absorbent – general of 4 layers, 3 layers of ultra-absorbent bamboo backed with a water resistant layer to save you leakages! For exquisite heavy float, please deliver an additional set of nursing pads to change after 5-6 hours.
  • natural bamboo – secure for infants to latch on after use. Organic bamboo is the softest and most absorbent cloth that we must offer, giving the satisfactory comfort in your sore nipples all day long!
  • contoured cone design – shaped perfectly on your nipples without awkward bulging of the pads. Fits sizes b to d perfectly!
  • excellent present for mommies – gift the most beneficial and thoughtful gift to new mommies. Comes with a beautiful organza gift bag.
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  • los tamaños dependen de que?
  • hello, you could talk to the cup size for the sizing. Medium: a to c massive: b to d x-huge: above d see much less

  • what cloth is the water-resistant layer (plastic)?
  • query: what cloth is the water resistant layer (plastic)? Answer: no, similar to the cloth cloth diapers are product of. By crunchymama on march three, 2019 failed to get solutions. See greater answers (3) crumble all answers

  • is your x-large pads completely discontinued?
  • query: is your x-massive pads permanently discontinued? Answer: no via elsy s. Martinez on 9/11, 2020 collapse all answers

  • are they cash again assure?
  • question: are they money lower back guarantee? Solution: yes through susana m. On january 10, 2021 fall apart all solutions


    Medium 3.9", Large 4.8", X-Large 5.5", Medium, Large, X-Large


    Midnight Black, Pastel Touch, Pastel Touch Lite, Soft White

    8 reviews for Organic bamboo nursing breast pads – 14 washable pads + wash bag – breastfeeding nipple pad for maternity – reusable nipplecovers for breast feeding (pastel touch, huge four. 8″)

    1. Sincerely, We

      Would highly recommend for breastfeeding mothers. I’ve tried the Lasinoh stick-on nursing pads as well as the Bamb00bies brand. While the latter was more preferable of the two, neither compare to these reuasable bamboo nursing pads! I love that I just invest in the beginning and can use these day in & day out. Much cheaper in the long run as compared to buying disposable. They feel so plush & soft, which was a game changer when I was experiencing those first few weeks of chafing and tenderness. They absorb a good amount of milk, too! I’ve tried saturating them under the tap, and I was amazed!! It soaked up WAY more than I anticipated & only leaked through the front when I ringed out the water. Still super soft & absorbent after 6 months of heavy use. (Shown in pic.) The best part? You can buy them and if you don’t like them, returns are free. So why not?! Just do it, they’re great!! Read more

    2. The Beve

      These nursing breast pads are amazing! Such high quality material, and large enough to provide full coverage for larger breasts! Smaller pads are so uncomfortable, but these are perfect! Read more

    3. Kimberly Hollister

      I give these breast pads a 5 out of 5 but would rate them higher if I could! I have an oversupply of breast milk which leads to constant leaks, wet bras and clothes, and waking up frequently to change pads throughout the nice. I go through multiple sets of disposable pads a day, even when using the highest absorbency ones. These breast pads last me all day since I am feeding and pumping throughout the day. I put on a new pair at night and they will generally last about 6 hours before I need to change them again. I will warn others who have an oversupply that these do still leak if I wear them for too long, but they are far superior to any other reusable breast pad I have used. These are a little thick, but are super soft, provide cushion and also help with desensitization which I think also helps prevent excessive let down. Another great thing about this product is the mesh bag that comes with them for washing and drying! I absolutely recommend this product. Read more

    4. Matthew Doherty

      I bought these because I had been going through disposable nursing pads like crazy, and they started to get annoying if the sticky part would get stuck to my boob while I had my shirt/bra opened to nurse. I’m really happy with these washable ones! There’s no sticky part (which makes sense because I don’t think that would hold up in the wash) so you just stick them in your bra. My 8-week-old baby recently started sleeping through the night so after waking up in a milk puddle once, I’ve been using these every night and they work perfectly! My only issue is that they didn’t come with recommended washing/drying instructions other than the laundry bag, so I did throw them in the dryer on low heat but if you leave them inside the laundry bag they take FOREVER to dry since they’re all bundled together, but I took them out of the laundry bag to dry faster and one of the pads ripped a little on the absorbent side. It’s still usable and it’s my fault anyway but something worth mentioning. Read more

    5. Blueskyofmancos

      I received this order a few days ago, and although I have not had a chance to use them yet (baby isn’t here yet), i have already appreciated the neat support group that keababies has created of moms and moms to be. The quality of the pads themselves seems great and the bamboo side is very soft. Also, price wasn’t bad at all! Read more

    6. Nathan

      Fantastic value and great quality! These are soft, absorbent and organic for way less than I paid for the ones I had before. They are larger than others, but it’s a better more natural fit and shape. The lovely packaging and addition of the washing bag makes it a nice gift for a new mom. (I’m horrible with wrapping things so I appreciate thoughtful packaging.) Read more

    7. Evy Weisberg

      I love them. Thick and soft. But still can’t see them through the bra. The pads that came with the bra scrunched and got torn. So they were uncomfortable and I could see them through my shirt. These on the other hand are well made! Read more

    8. Kimmy Golder

      I love these nursing pads! They are so absorptive, soft, and no one can tell that you’re wearing them! I loved that it came with a wash bag as well! Awesome product especially for a cheap price .. I recommended them to my breastfeeding mom friends already Read more

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