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  • the exceptional outlet plugs to keep youngsters away from electric risks, maintaining infants safe.
  • our outlet covers are extremely clear to combo in to your property even as keeping your own home a safer vicinity
  • these outlet plugs are simple to put in – truly insert the protection caps inside the unused outlets, plug protector will fit firmly in outlet
  • enables protect babies from setting risky items in unused stores, it’s a need to for all parents. You may also use those covers as socket sealers to prevent bloodless drafts in the winter!
  • manufacturers lifetime assurance protecting defects

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  • are these flush in opposition to the hole and hard for even the adults to take off? I’ve a toddler that may pick out at matters.
  • question: are those flush against the opening and tough for even the adults to take off? I’ve a toddler which could select at matters. Solution: it is pretty tough to take off, i had to use my nails for doing so. Although it is able to depend upon the hole size, wide or tight through ievgen on january 10, 2018 did not get answers. See greater solutions (five) disintegrate all answers

  • do those block drafts properly? I’d like to apply them on stores on the out of doors wall that leak bloodless air in windy, bloodless weather.
  • sure, these block drafts very well. In case you check our reviews (you can also look for the word “draft”), you will see a few customers that are very satisfied with using our outlet covers for the reason of blocking off drafts. Thank you, sarah consumer appreciation specialist jool child see much less

  • what kind of energy outlet does it cowl? Does it assist outlet kind a?
  • query: what kind of electricity outlet does it cowl? Does it aid outlet type a? Answer: yes it does and they may be big enough to cover grounded and gfi outlets by using brenda heinsen on june 17, 2019 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (1) crumble all solutions

  • do these paintings with legrand adorne outlets?
  • query: do these work with legrand adorne shops? Solution: they will work with legrand adorne stores by brenda heinsen on june 17, 2019 disintegrate all solutions

    8 reviews for Outlet plug covers (32 p. C.) clear toddler evidence electrical protector protection caps – jool child

    1. Nichoals Ramsay

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. These only slow my 2 year down by about 3 seconds. Prettt useless, the plastic is too smooth so he can pull them right out with his tiny finger. Read more

    2. Brian M

      These do the job, they plug the outlet to prevent a kid from putting stuff in the outlet. HOWEVER, they lack any “friction” surfaces, to help make it a little more difficult to remove by a toddler. My 12 month old is easily removing them with zero effort. If there was some “tabs/tangs” on the part that inserts into the outlet to provide some resistance to removing them, that would at least make it harder for them to remove. As it stands these are useless because they are so easily removed by a toddler. Read more

    3. Warner

      Was worried about how easy these would be to remove for my child based on some other reviews. I watched him attack a outlet for 2 minutes and he didn’t even come remotely close to being able to pull them out of the socket. My second concern was the quality of the plugs, if they were cheap the prongs could easily snap off in my outlet upon removal. However, these seem to be made pretty well, and after continuously removing one it never even cracked. Definitely going to order some more for the rest of my house, and worth spending the few extra $$ over the super cheap ones on amazon. Read more

    4. Nigel Birch

      I got these to block drafts coming in through the holes in the wall plate of unoccupied outlets. Not only do they work well, but they are barely noticeable because of the clear plastic, flexible, but quite sturdy. I am very happy with these. If you’re looking to block drafts in the winter, don’t hesitate to use these. Beats the pieces of tan masking tape I had covering the unused outlet holes. 😉 Read more

    5. Regan

      I was excited these were advertised as “ultra clear” because I have two black outlets on my kitchen island that I need to cover and white ones look tacky. But when I installed these, I was disappointed they still appear white. Better than opaque ones, but definitely still very visible. However, they look great in the rest of my white outlets, so I decided to keep them. You can’t even tell they’re there from across the room. They look much better than the white Safety 1st brand I had leftover from my first baby. They also don’t rip your fingernails off when you try to remove them, which I appreciate. Other covers I have used are so hard to remove I might as well remove the whole outlet because I can’t use them. It would still take a baby a very long time to remove them on their own, and since no childproofing product is meant to be a substitute for adult supervision, I’m satisfied with the safety level. Overall great product, and as long as you aren’t trying to discretely cover dark covered outlets, I’d recommend them. Read more

    6. Christine LaRocca

      These plugs are always useful when there are children in the house and there is a concern for one of them sticking something into an outlet that could be very dangerous. However, the reason I bought these is to use with Christmas lights outdoors. With there being exposure to water outdoors, I use these to fill unused portions of the wiring, and then, I cover with electrical tape. In some cases, where there is no threat of rain or snow reaching the wiring much, I omit the tape. These are sturdy, durable and extend plenty over the outlet areas. Very good purchase. Read more

    7. Retired Supt

      Although these are billed as something to use for child safety, I use them reduce drafts in unused outlets in exterior walls. They work well for that purpose and are pretty unobtrusive. Read more

    8. Jonathan

      Covers the outlet and is not easy for curious children to remove; my 1-year-old quickly gives up and moves on and my 3-year-old doesn’t even bother with it now. Clear enough that the outlet doesn’t even look covered at a glance, which I really like. Great quality plastic, bends without snapping, tough enough that they can be reused over and over. Great price for the quality and quantity received. Well done Jool Baby! Read more

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