Pedialyte advancedcare plus electrolyte powder, with 33% greater electrolytes and preactiv prebiotics, berry frost, electrolyte drink powder packets, zero. 6 oz. (18 be counted)

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  • extra electrolytes: pedialyte advancedcare plus powder packets have 33% more electrolytes in every serving to replace greater of what you’ve misplaced due to dehydration
  • handy: it’s smooth to take powder packs anywhere–just upload to water. Fantastic for children and adults
  • prebiotics: has preactiv prebiotics to help help digestive fitness
  • superior rehydration: pedialyte electrolyte beverages help prevent slight to moderate dehydration extra efficaciously than commonplace liquids by quickly replenishing fluids and electrolytes
  • advocated: from the no. 1 pharmacist and pediatrician endorsed emblem for hydration

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  • do any of the pedialyte flavors have red coloring or red anything as an component?
  • question: do any of the pedialyte flavors have crimson coloring or purple whatever as an ingredient? Answer: i’ve handiest used the berry flavor, which has a light blue coloration. By way of terry l. On august 6, 2019 failed to get answers. See more answers (1) disintegrate all answers

  • what number of packets do you get with this offer?
  • question: how many packets do you get with this offer? Answer: 6 packets within the container. By means of michelle mcferren on june 29, 2019 did not get solutions. See more answers (2) fall apart all solutions

  • does this have sugar in it?
  • question: does this have sugar in it? Answer: don’t know approximately pedialyte advanced, but the pedialyte electrolyte powder has 8g-17 percentage sugar introduced. By janet l. On march nine, 2020 did not get answers. See more solutions (2) fall apart all answers

  • what is the shelf lifestyles ?
  • question: what’s the shelf life ? Solution: shelf lifestyles is essentially the expatriation date. The expiration date is required through fda labeling laws. It’s far either embossed or indelible ink (wont rub off). In case you purchase from a nearby save, you could see the expiry date. In case you order online, you want to test it and decide the return policy if its expired. Right luck. By way of m. Fernandez on march 6, 2020 did not get answers. See extra answers (2) collapse all answers

    8 reviews for Pedialyte advancedcare plus electrolyte powder, with 33% greater electrolytes and preactiv prebiotics, berry frost, electrolyte drink powder packets, zero. 6 oz. (18 be counted)

    1. Miss M

      I added a packet to a bottle of water and drank it after a long day of “celebrating” and woke up feeling a lot less bad than I probably should have. It tastes fine. It’s not something I would choose to drink solely for the taste, but that’s not why you’re drinking it anyway. Read more

    2. elderfamily

      Using this before bed or the next morning after a night of festivities has worked to almost eliminate a long miserable day hungover. Drink over ice to kill the slight salt taste. I always swear by this and having the option to buy them in bulk in convenient packets is a game changer. Read more

    3. Bakermom

      Excellent product for Celiac Patients it keeps hydrated I feel a lot better. My muscles don’t burn or twitch, I haven’t gotten headaches, I’m more focused. Malabsorption is not a joke the hydration part has always been a problem!! Read more

    4. Eric Sky

      I use them before my long Spartan Obstacle Course Races or Road Races (Boston Marathon most recently). Typically x2 packets the day before, x1 packet the morning of, and x1 packet to aid in recovery after. Easy to travel with, and no TSA problems. Read more

    5. Jennifer H.

      I wish I would have known years ago that Pedialyte could help get rid of hangovers so I didn’t have to suffer through them. This stuff is a miracle worker after a big night of drinking. I just drink some before I go to bed and some when I wake up and I feel like a new person! Not a bad taste but a little sweet for me. I do love the convenience of the individual serving packets. So portable! Read more

    6. Amy

      Worked great for after new years party. I drink 2 and was able to sleep in and feel pretty good the next day… all things considered. Read more

    7. Angela

      The only reason I gave this 2 stars is because is mainly sugar. My Fiance used it for a recent cruise (we had the cheers package). I’m sure you can find another brand with less sugar. 12 added grams in this little packet. Read more

    8. JBernou

      Usually I don’t like most pedialyte flavors but this ones great. It’s a little strong actually I usually find myself using half at a time of each pack maybe even less. But anyways will buy again Read more

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