Philips avent, child bottle warmer

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  • gently and lightly heats no hotspots because the milk circulates at some point of warming; the voltage is 220-240 v
  • works with all phillips avent bottles, toddler cups, and most food jars
  • heats four oz of milk in 3 minutes
  • handy defrost putting that defrosts breast milk and baby food
  • small design fits on counter or nightstand
  • power consumption: 300 watts

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  • how plenty is the rated strength?
  • the strength is three hundred watts. The manufacturer says 240 volts (1. 25 amps rms) (general wall voltage in europe, africa, asia and australia), however it has a us fashion plug and will also take a hundred and twenty volt ac (general wall voltage in north america and south america) at 2. 5 amps rms. Supply: https://www. U. S. A.. Philips. Com/c-p/scf355_00/avent-speedy-bottle-hotter/specifications supply 2: i am an electrical engineer. See less

  • does it work with non-philips (e. G. Medela) bottles?
  • question: does it work with non-philips (e. G. Medela) bottles? Solution: yes it does. We used it for medela bottles, and it really works excellent. Due to the fact they are a softer plastic, and narrower, they want a bit greater water in the warmer, and that they heat faster than avent bottles with the aid of sarah roetcisoender on march 29, 2016 did not get answers. See more answers (1) fall apart all answers

  • can you operate with document brown bottles?
  • question: can you use with doc brown bottles? Answer: yes. Just don’t heat with the blue long piece and circular white piece to prevent plastic enlargement and leaking. I used with the 4 and 9 oz. Doc brown bottles. By means of jennifer olands on july 26, 2015 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (2) crumble all solutions

  • is that this 220v?
  • question: is that this 220v? Solution: it is us imaginative and prescient which handiest guide 110v and do no longer help 220v. Do not attempt use in hk by means of ivan ok. On july 23, 2016 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (2) crumble all solutions

    8 reviews for Philips avent, child bottle warmer

    1. The Haas Family

      Do you sit around all day trying to find new reasons to piss your newborn off? If you do, and you don’t own one of these kajiggers, I’m telling you you’re missing out on the PLATINUM opportunity? Does it take 2 minutes to achieve fusion or 20 minutes to reach the temperature of polar bear piss? Who the hell knows because this thing doesn’t have a timer or an auto off feature so you’ll spend all your time guessing wether you’re going to melt your baby’s face or just piss them off with cold formula!!! Every parents dream! All the while listening to your kid cry because they have to wait 5 minutes to get something you could have just made with warm water! Great product. Read more

    2. Dustin S.

      Need to return this. Before we purchased this we were running the bottle under hot water to warm it up. This is zero improvement on that. How this device works is you place the bottle in water which this device heats. There is no timer to set, and no indicator/alarm for when it’s heated. It just keeps heating it until the milk is practically boiling or you stop it. You have to stand there and keep taking the bottle out and checking it to see what the temperature is. What’s even the point of having this? Even the symbols on the dial don’t make any sense. We purchased a warmer from Dr. Brown’s which has a timer, and both an audio and visual indicator to tell you when it’s done. The Dr. Brown’s warmer can be set for certain size bottles, amounts of milk, or a regular timer. Read more

    3. Papuga

      We love the dial (vs the on off button like w Munchkin and other brands) that Kiinde also has but Avent is less pricey. I turn it up all the way to quickly heat a bottle or I turn it on low to keep the bottle in there for a while. We switched to Comotomo bottles and the CT bottles fit in the Avent warmer. Read more

    4. mnoble

      Gets points for looks and doing the basic job (works heating a bottle). Aside from that, get this if you want to have to try to figure out its obtuse heating time chart, device settings, peer into the bottle insertion hole when it’s too dark to see if you can match (or fail to match) the water level and the milk level, take the bottle out over and over to test on your wrist to see if it’s too hot or cold. “Wait, it’s too hot!”. Now you need to hold it under cold water. Wait, now it’s too cold. Back into the warmer. Why this doesn’t have a specific thermostat, I don’t know. Not sure if there’s an auto shut off but there doesn’t seem to be. We’ve accidentally walked away for a while and it’s still chugging along so it could be a serious fire risk. Can’t say it doesn’t work. It does. Just not easily. Not great for tired and weary parents. Read more

    5. Abby_AZ_15

      Overall, could have been much better. First of all, warming times are pretty long. Baby cries and cries while we wait for the formula to warm for 4.5 – 6.5 minutes. The timings on the catalogue are not very accurate especially for formula amounts over 60ml/2 oz. We have to use drinking water which is a consumption that we could have saved on. The instructions requires that we throw out the water after every use! You have to pull the cord out every single time to throw the water out. Also, we have to fill the bottle warmer with the same amount of water as the amount of formula but it’s very hard to see the level of water when the container is not see through. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with your eyes half closed and trying to figure out how much water you’ve put in the warmer? There is no timer on it either which means that you have to set a timer yourself on your watch, phone or your stove. If it goes off and you are busy with your baby or forget to switch it off immediately, formula overheats. The instructions in the user manual are also not 100% clear. There is no indication in the manual on which setting is what. There are images on the warmer itself and I sort of had to figure things out myself. It would have been useful to see in the manual that the small bottle is for formula levels under 4 oz, the big bottle is for more, the indicator that looks like vapor or whatever it looks like is for the keep warm setting. I really wanted to like this product because it’s compatible with the Avent bottles but I am really not happy with it. Read more

    6. Camden

      The fastest, best bottle warmer I HAVE EVER HAD! Frozen bags of milk? Yep you can thaw them in about 10 minutes on highest setting OR WARM A BOTTLE IN 2.5 MINUTED FLAT. This is amazing! Read more

    7. RunnerDad

      I purchased this in a sleep-deprived fugue on the first night we brought our newborn home from the hospital. I was on my inaugural 4:00am dad-feeding with a bottle of breastmilk, but it was cold, and the baby was wailing, and so I just bought this warmer without thinking, hoping to avoid this situation again the next night. I didn’t even really know what a bottle warmer was or how it worked. It turns out to be just a little electric pot. You fill it was a few ounces of water, then drop the bottle in. The bottle floats around for few minutes, and then you have a warm bottle. However, by light of day, I realized that I already owned a device that would create hot water on demand, that doesn’t take up counter space, requires no cleaning, and works ~3x faster than this gadget: a faucet. So, yeah…you really don’t need a bottle warmer. This doesn’t even have a timer, or an auto-off feature. You’re really just guessing at when to take the bottle out. The description says it can warm a bottle in 3 minutes, but that’s if the bottle is already at room temperature. Coming out of the fridge, it’s more like 6-8. The settings on its dial make no sense and aren’t explained in the manual. So…this is a pointless device that is more hassle than just using warm water from your sink. Read more

    8. Iris

      Biggest problem is it doesn’t have a timer and doesn’t shut automatically. I have to set timer on my phone or look at the clock every minute. When I use this at middle of the night, I fall asleep and this thing is on until I wake up. Read more

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