Position & lock baby gate, strain-installed, farmhouse series

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  • easy to put in: the stress mount gate lets in brief and smooth installation and re-installation
  • impartial styling: the dark wooden stain and black plastic complements a ramification of home decors
  • flexible: with an extension from 36-forty two inches. This gate will suit in most doors quickly and easily
  • making protection clean: the locking bar is marked and notched for clean installation even as the sturdy wooden body and plastic mesh are durable and relaxed
  • toddler – age: 6-24 months

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function and lock gate

the evenflo function and lock gate is a fashionable width gate for use in doorways, hallways, bottom of stairs, kitchens, laundry rooms, bedrooms and playrooms. This conventional pressure set up gate is straightforward to install.

easy-to-use locking bar speedy adjusts when moving among doorways.

pressure-installed with rubber bumpers that might not harm partitions, providing a comfortable, custom suit.

to be had in tan, crimson, blue and new farmhouse to colour-healthy children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

absolutely assembled for immediate use. No tools required.

preferred width -suits openings 26″ – forty two” (66cm – 107cm).

  • not for use at pinnacle of stairs.
  • introducing the brand new farmhouse gate collection

    farmhouse fashion – warm timber tones and black mesh accents healthy into your house décor.

  • fantastic for youngsters and pets – keep a secure domestic surroundings for youngsters and pets.
  • rubber bumpers – gained’t damage your private home’s interior.
  • product description

    the location and lock farmhouse gate helps dad and mom keep their youngsters secure from not unusual household dangers. Now not only is that this farmhouse strain mount gate easy to put in, it also enables save you damage to your property because no hardware is required. Additionally, the locking bar is marked and notched for ease set up and re-installation. Subsequently, the robust wood body and plastic mesh are durable and relaxed leaving you with a feeling of assurance that your infant is far from harm. To assist save you entrapment do not allow area among bottom of gate and ground.

    Product Dimensions

    2.5, x, 42, x, 23, inches

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    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Minimum weight recommendation

    4, Pounds

    Maximum weight recommendation

    24, Pounds

    Maximum height recommendation

    23, Inches

    Care instructions

    Wash, with, mild, soap, and, warm, water., Dry, thoroughly, before, using., Metal, and, plastic, parts, can, be, wiped, clean, with, a, soft, damp, cloth, and, dried, with, a, dry, cloth., Do, not, use, abrasive, cleaners, or, solvents.

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    1.15, ounces



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    7 reviews for Position & lock baby gate, strain-installed, farmhouse series

    1. LegoGirl

      I have had these inexpensive Evenflo gates around the house for years, they have always been a good value for temporarily blocking pets or kids from an area. Needed this shorter model to use as a “walkover” fence at the bottom of stairs, so bought this one without looking closely at the design. Imagine my irritation when I got the gate and realized that Evenflo has RUINED this product by altering the locking mechanism! The old gate has a simple u-shaped metal piece that “snaps down” to lock the two wood arms together. The new gate has a completely closed plastic piece that wraps all the way around the two arms; to lock or unlock the arms, the plastic section must “slide” off—and that movement is only achieved by pressing or lifting a piece of the plastic. It was so tight on my gate, I questioned whether I was doing it right since it seemed permanently in place! Once I got it to move, it was near-impossible to slide back into the locking position. Luckily, I am leaving the gate in place since we can step over it; if I had to move the gate on a normal basis, forget it! And I’m certain the plastic piece that bends to open and slide it will break, probably sooner rather that later considering the force required to do so. Read more

    2. A. E. Gray

      The locking mechanism on this folding gate is different from most. This one has a plastic square you have to slide over the cross bar and the bar that lowers down. You have to have them lined up _exactly_ so, pinch the plastic, and hope it goes together (usually takes me three tries to get it just right, and this in not my first time using baby gates.) I would not buy again, the normal gates that have the metal tension clasp/lock are WAY better! Read more

    3. K.C.

      Ok I bought these gates thinking they were the hinge type not the plastic adjuster. They came and I realized evenflo had changed the style, great no big deal or so I thought. The plastic adjuster is great IF you can get it on and off. I watched a video so it’s not too difficult but if you have a hard time with a side pinch grip or have arthritis you will not do well with this type in my opinion. The gate holds ok. The rubber stops that fit in the doorway leave large marks. We have the brown colored gates and the marks are just awful. I haven’t tried to get them off yet. As you can see in the pictures I’ve had to finagle the gate a few times to get it to stay in place and these are the marks it’s left. Poor material and I’m sure the other gate was changed to pinching hazards but there’s gotta be a better idea that a pinch grip plastic piece and the rubber stops that mark the door frame 🙁 will not buy again. Read more

    4. Thomas Pacheco

      I originally liked these gate. However after a month I confess I do not like them. I bought 2 and broke one of them putting it up. The middle bar snapped in half. I just don’t think the way you lock them in not place is good and feel too much pressure is needed to stay to the wall so the baby doesn’t pull it down. Which to be fair is probably why I snapped the bar in half and almost impaled myself on the jagged pieces. I am currently looking for something that works better for me. For the price I thought give it a try and it just didn’t work out. Read more

    5. Timmy

      This has got to be one of my worst purchases on Amazon. The gate is poorly made, does not adjust size easily, and damages walls (there are rubber pads on the sides that scuff up the walls that even cleaners can’t remove, have to paint to repair). I sure hope the manufacturer reads this review to get some honest feedback. This is a prime example of you get what you pay for. These gates were one of the cheaper ones available, and now that I have it in hand, I can clearly see why. Will NOT be purchasing another one of these poorly constructed, destructive, baby gates. Read more

    6. G. O. Laun

      Recently we were allowed pets at the work place, because “studies have shown that having pets in the office can boost morale and also increase productivity and creativity.” Which is why I’m writing this at work because I finished everything…? Yep. Mainly I’m making certain my dog doesn’t decide the workplace is hers and mark everywhere. So far so g…….right. This is not the exact gate as advertised, though it is effectively the same thing and for the money I’m not going to complain, though I might mutter under my breath because it works ever so slightly differently than that shown in the training video. In this case, the change- I believe- makes it a little better. Have you been wondering about what’s different? I’ve been foreshadowing and alluding to it in this sentence: that’s how fantastic a writer I can be. I’m so good, I’ll end a sentence with a preposition, although I understand that my late 20th Century grammar rule knowledge may no longer apply (except for the Oxford comma! And I’m willing to fight, brawl, and altercate with you on that!) Regardless: the dohickey in the video that clamps down on the smooth wooden brace (the one on the right in my pictures) is now a completely enclosed unit that needs to be slid off the end of the notched brace (the left one) in order to tighten the gate to the surrounding walls, door frame, or to whatever you are securing the gate. I did not know this. But it makes sense and in fact allows a firmer, non-slipping fit. However, the little plastic holdy doohickey (might be a doo-dad or whatcha thing…it is not a whatchadoohickey. I’m pretty sure). So the plastic holdy doohickey has it’s own, private notch in which it rests and it has to be pretty perpendicular to the wooden braces to be slid off and on the notched brace or the sucker ain’t moving. Yes I changed from doohickey to sucker there: sorry about that. So it’s a nice gate. Shame my dog can leap a 6 foot fence so doesn’t really help much. Read more

    7. Shannan Bagley

      The doorway I need to secure is 36 1/4 inches wide. The setting for 36 inches did not keep the gate in place but notching it up to the setting for 36 1/2 broke the gate. I really didn’t expect something great, but snapping in half on installation is beyond simply poor performance. Also, the way the gate rails works it gets jammed really easily and it makes the installation process difficult. Don’t use unless you plan on keeping it in place at all times. Read more

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