Pregmate 25 ovulation test strips predictor package (25 matter)

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  • accurate and reliable ovulation tests.
  • sensitivity level: 25 miu/ml.
  • decide your most fertile days.
  • over 99% accurate at detecting your lh surge.

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  • how many prengnacy checks does this have?
  • query: what number of prengnacy checks does this have? Answer: i failed to receive the being pregnant take a look at strips. I best obtained 45 ovulation take a look at strips even though product mentions 50 test strips. By mavericksince81 on july 29, 2018 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (1) collapse all answers

  • it says 25 lh tests in this mixture, but how many hcp tests are covered?
  • query: it says 25 lh assessments on this blend, however how many hcp tests are covered? Solution: i want to mention it become 10. No longer a hundred% sure though by means of victoria c on august 30, 2016 did not get solutions. See extra solutions (1) fall apart all answers

  • is there an expiration date for the take a look at sticks? How lengthy will it be accurate earlier than fail to expect pregnancy? Thanks.
  • query: is there an expiration date for the test sticks? How long will it’s excellent before fail to are expecting pregnancy? Thank you. Solution: yes there may be expiration dates on them but the ones i acquired were excellent for over 2 years. By way of nicole younger on january four, 2020 disintegrate all solutions

  • ive been checking out considering that just after my length and am now at cd 17 and nevertheless no nice. Have to i be concerned?
  • query: ive been testing considering that just after my duration and am now at cd 17 and nevertheless no advantageous. Need to i be worried? Solution: maximum cycles are about 28-32 days and ovulation typically takes place approximately half of way. All of it depends when you have regular cycles. If that is your first month trying i might hold checking out until your subsequent duration. Preserve a file of each month and keep trying out to find out what your normal cycle is. Through joseph heisler on september 26, 2018 collapse all answers

    7 reviews for Pregmate 25 ovulation test strips predictor package (25 matter)

    1. LDF

      These test strips are spot on with the Clear Blue Digital Ovulation test. I use both just as a peace of mind. You will always have two lines, as there is always LH in your system. However, when you have an LH surge, the second line will be either the same color as the control line or even darker, like in my picture. My ovulation is never at the same time, so being able to use these with the Clear Blue and them being correct is comforting. Because these are so affordable, you can keep testing until you get a positive. I always start testing about 12/13 days after first day of last period. Sometimes I ovulate around day 14 and sometimes around day 21. I use first morning urine instead of afternoon/2pm urine since I drink so much water throughout the day which dilutes your urine. These are accurate, affordable, and I will continue to use until I get pregnant. Read more

    2. Frances Penny

      These strips might scare you into thinking you’re not ovulating when you very well could be. I used these strips AND Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Kit at the same time 3 months in a row. These test strips always showed negative whereas the Clearblue Advanced showed my peak & high days (positive for ovulation) all 3 months. I also had my 21 day progesterone, LH and AMH tested by blood at my doctors office and it ALSO confirmed I am ovulating. Don’t use strips, they might work for some but my fertility doc said Clearblue is the most accurate, and after my experience, I believe it. Read more

    3. Emily Roberts

      I’m aware that most women probably use these to help them see when they’re ovulating for the purposes of getting pregnant. However, I use these as a form of fertility awareness and birth control. I wanted to see how accurate my period/fertility app was at predicting ovulation, and also wanted to become more familiar with my own fertility and cycle, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on expensive ovulation test strips. These are a great price and work really well. I’m still fascinated to see the purple test line get darker as I get closer to ovulation and then see the extremely dark purple line when I’m ovulating. I haven’t tried any other test strips, but I assume these are accurate as the test shows negative when I know I’m not ovulating, and (as mentioned above), I’ll test positive the day before ovulation and then the line is a darker positive on the day of ovulation. The positive tests line up with what my app predicts as my time for ovulation as well as my knowledge of my own body’s signs. So if you’re looking to use these to help you become more familiar with fertility or for natural birth control purposes, these work great and aren’t too expensive! Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Works better and easier to read the results than with the First Response ovulation test. Just for example, I haven’t yet gotten any invalid readings as I sometimes did with First Response. Also with First Response, I had a hard time telling the difference between the strong second line that meant positive, and the slightly less dark line that meant negative. With Pregmate, it is really easy to tell: the second line is either really clear, or it is barely visible. I used it for three days straight, and got two positive readings (evening of the first day and morning of the second day). Than I got one more positive reading on the morning of the third day, and and a negative reading by that same evening. Based on my normal cycle, and other symptoms, that was definitely matching up with my ordinary schedule. The design is more straightforward than First Response, no fancy plastic tube and cap and all that, but to me that only makes it easier to use – less unnecessary stuff to complicate things and get in the way. This is sold for a great price for a large supply. Do yourself a favor, and save yourself a lot of money (and aggravation trying to size up and compare the difference in those lines mean). I plan to buy more of these in the future, and pregnancy tests from this brand, as the need arises. Read more

    5. Bridget J

      So we aren’t quite a success story (yet!), but I’m already so happy with these test strips. I was using a bigger named brand (ClearBlue, maybe?) from Target, I priced out every option to get the most bang for my buck but I still was spending $20 for 10 tests. Long story short I ovulate late (day 20), so I was only testing on the earlier/average end. These strips are so inexpensive compared to every other option that I’ve been testing daily (sometimes twice) like a mad woman and low and behold, I DO ovulate! I’m so happy my friend told me about these, and I can’t wait to try out the pregnancy test- hopefully soon! Good luck everyone, happy humping! 🙂 Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Me and my husband began our journey in August after I took my last pack of birth control pills in July. For the first few months I relied on the ovulation calendars to predict my ovulation dates. After months of failure I decided to buy these test after reading all of the reviews ( and I do mean all). November was the first month using the test and I found out I ovulated later than the online ovulation calendars. On December 16 I got a clear positive test and did the BD. Being me I tested again on December 17 and also got a clear positive. AF was scheduled to come on November 29 and never showed up. On New Years Eve I tested positive on a walmart equate test. I was so excited I went to walmart and got the clear blue easy digital test and tested positive again. We have our first appoointment and ultrasound on Feb 6. If it wasn’t for these tests I would never have know that I ovulated later and to continue BD’ing. Baby dust to all of you who are still on your journey, your day is coming soon!!!:). Read more

    7. Nikki8539

      These ovulation tests are easy to use and really work great. I always had two lines but once u get the surge u‘ll know it‘s a surge because the test line is much more darker than the control line. Me and my husband had been trying a couple of months without ovulation kits and with apps u can track ur cycle with, however after using this kit I realized I was ovulating way later than the apps predicted. After just one months of using the ovulation tests I got pregant. Great value for the price as well! Difinitivley recommend them! Read more

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