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  • ensure this suits by means of entering your version variety.
  • consume, play and engage with your infant as they sit effectively and accurately for your lap
  • best for air travel, eating places, and on the dinner table – everywhere you want to sit down and be close to your child
  • lightweight and transportable, the lap toddler folds up and stows away in a small fabric tour bag
  • consists of clean-easy drop cloth for spills, and tether for keeping toys and pacifiers available
  • suitable for ages 3 months up (baby need to be capable of guide the load in their own head). Maximum adult waist size 54in / 137cm. The lapbaby incorporates toddlers with up to a 17 inch waist quite simply
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the fingers-unfastened seating resource

the primo lapbaby is a at ease seating useful resource designed to comfy baby in your lap while leaving both arms unfastened to paintings, play, and interact with child. Simple, realistic, and easy to apply, you’ll no longer ought to maintain your baby with one arm limiting what you could do collectively. The unique design of the seating useful resource permits you to maintain natural near touch together with your child and carry on with your everyday sports such as feeding, emailing, or traveling by way of airplane. Designed for infants from three months, it could be used earlier than a normal high chair or booster seat and is infinitely more transportable.

infants like to be in close contact with their mother and father – in particular whilst time for dinner comes round. The primo lapbaby keeps child near and content material whilst you can use each hands to feed and interact. As an added bonus you will subsequently be able to reduce your personal meals while helping infant eat too.

running from domestic with a rambunctious toddler may be a challenge. With both hands unfastened you may be capable of capture up on emails, study, and reply to telephone calls. The primo lapbaby was made for (and by way of) running mother and father – the first prototype turned into hand sewn whilst on maternity leave and developed from there into the seating useful resource that it’s miles now.

light-weight and convenient for tour, the primo lapbaby fits in the covered bring bag and has a washable drop fabric to maintain messes from your lap. The drop material without difficulty snaps onto the lapbaby and folds well inside the band when now not in use.

the lapbaby is a superb opportunity to bulky companies for retaining infant near, safe, and cozy at some point of lengthy flights. Being in near physical touch offers a baby with a rich surroundings where nearly all in their critical needs can be met – warm temperature, love, touch, and food.

product description

the primo lap baby is a relaxed seating useful resource designed to cozy a child to your lap, leaving both palms unfastened while keeping natural touch with child. Toddler is saved close and content even as allowing you the freedom to paintings, consume, and interact while seated with both hands freely. Simple, practical and smooth to apply, you no longer should hold child with one arm limiting what you could do together. It’s best for operating on a pc, eating out at a eating place, flying with toddler to your lap, or feeding. The adjustable belt waist size up to 54 inches and cozy fitting clasp ensures secure and comfy suit for child and parent. An blanketed smooth-easy removable drop cloth allows save you spills and messes from landing to your lap all through mealtime. Weighing in at much less than 1lb, such as the compact material tour bag, lap child can without difficulty accompany toddler everywhere. Appropriate for 3 months and up. Adjustable as much as 54in waistline. Lightweight and transportable, with covered carrying case. Smooth-smooth drop fabric and toy/pacifier strap. Hand washer-friendly. Use only whilst seated. No longer designed to be used as a service, car or booster seat.



8 reviews for Primo lapbaby, gray

  1. Rebecca Morea

    This was fantastic. Great for flying and staying hands free. For reference, my daughter is 3 Months 14lbs and 24 inches long. When she fell asleep I buckled it around armrest as an extra arm pad while I was holding her in my arms Read more

  2. Wedge

    I got this in the mail today. I really needed this badly. I just had my first kid 4 months ago, and I work from home on my computer. I tried using a baby carrier, but my baby hates it. She gets very hot and feels like she is trapped. She starts crying and never stops. It has been impossible to get any work done. I try to hold her on my lap, but they I can only use one hand, and I work in a program that requires two hands. I sat down and strapped my baby in and OMG I’VE NEEDED THIS SO BAD. She is very happy to be sitting in my lap. She enjoys playing with the toy on the strap. Very happy baby very happy mommy. The part that holds her is very soft and sturdy. I like the materials a lot. My one downside is that I wish there was more padding that went around the mommy’s back where it clips. I put a leg warmer around the strap and that did the trick to making it more comfortable. I just wish that that was apart on the product. I like that it comes with a little carry case so I can bring it to restaurants and BBQs too to make it easier for me to eat. Very happy with the product though! I highly suggest you get this if you even slightly feel you need it. Read more

  3. kpaes

    Works well / almost too small for my 9mo old / approx 22 lbs. It barely velcros closed. For a smaller baby it’d be great! Read more

  4. Jacob R. Stowasser

    I bought this for our 5 hr flight to Hawaii and I absolutely loved it! It works great and the ability to fasten a toy to it is amazing. It came in handy when we had a very bumpy landing I would recommend this to all my friends with babies. Read more

  5. Michelle DiAntonio

    My daughter does not like this however I do it’s a good way to keep her secure I like different when we were flying I was able to keep her tight on me and still have my hands free you could pretty much do the same thing with the baby carrier and just released the straps but I seem to sweat more and so did she and we were tied to each other like that Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    This works very well, until your little one tries to wiggle herself out at the bottom: it goes around the waist, but babies and toddlers can slip out at the bottom if they get a little antsy. It is much better than not having anything, but it could be perfect with just one addtitional piece that holds between the legs so they can’t get out. Read more

  7. Annie

    We recently traveled on a three hour flight with our five month old. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was our first flight and wanted to be prepared for anything. When I purchased this LapBaby I just thought this may be a good idea … omg I’m so glad I bought it. Our flight wasn’t extremely long but this was the perfect item for a five month old. My little girl was able to sit in my lap and play with her teething toy (I was even able to attach it to the LabBaby) and I was able to not worry about having a death grip on her. My husband and I really loved it. I doubt it would work well when she gets older but for us, for this trip we truly believed this was worth the money. Loved it! Read more

  8. Joel Crabtree

    I am so glad I purchased this. My family was headed overseas on vacation with our then 18 month old. Our kiddo is already about the size of a 3 year old so we were concerned how well she would do sitting on our laps for the 12 hour flight. Thankfully, we planned ahead and bought this product. Our daughter was able to strap in comfortably and felt secure enough that she wasn’t able to wiggle off of my lap. When she fell asleep, I was even able to turn sideways and lay across my lab while still being strapped in. We were able to use it on our train rides too. I can’t recommend this product enough. She will be over the lap age limit by the next time we fly with her so we won’t need to use ours again. But I can’t imagine what our trip would have been like if we didn’t have this with us. Complete game changer for travel days. Read more

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