Protection 1st outlet cowl/wire shortner, white, 2pk, one size

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  • covers shops in use and secures extra twine
  • twin press and release design
  • first rate option for wellknown-size telephone charging cords
  • 2 percent
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make your house a safer region on your infant to play in and discover with the safety 1st outlet cover with twine shortener (2 p. C.). Help keep curious little arms far from probably-risky electric stores with this outlet plug cowl. Covering the whole outlet, the duvet continues extra appliance cords off the floor, storing as much as four toes of cords, relying on thickness. Easily remove and replace the outer cover with the kid-resistant twin-press operation with the aid of virtually pressing each facet tabs simultaneously, whilst lightly pulling the cover away. Together with appliances like lamps, televisions, and computers, the outlet cover works fantastic with preferred-size cellphone chargers, appropriately winding their cables out of sight. This kit includes one substitute wall plate and cowl. A flat-head screwdriver is needed for installation. Remove the quilt to easy, wiping it with a damp cloth and allowing it to dry. Protection 1st believes parenting should have fewer worries and more completely happy moments, so you enjoy every first your baby experiences.


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8 reviews for Protection 1st outlet cowl/wire shortner, white, 2pk, one size

  1. Brandon Burke

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Heads up: our 17-month-old ripped the cover right off of this item by yanking the cord and pulling away from the wall. Video attached to show the motion he used. Read more

  2. Tom

    When I bought this I did so expecting it to work with the standard outlets my house, unfortunately they were not compatible. The first picture attached is the type of outlets in my house, the second is the type of outlets this item works with. This cover has the crossbar with screw hole. Fortunately, I was able to cut the cover (with a Dremel tool) and drill two new holes to make it comparable. After modification, I really like functionality of this cover. Read more

  3. Bexyrae

    Living with a toddler isn’t easy. If you don’t know that yet you will soon. A toddler is like a scientist with no fear and a similar–but different language. The difference being: when you say “no” that means “do exactly what you’re about to do, with a smile.” That’s what I’m dealing with. So many timeouts and explanations and bribes (yes bribes) seem to be fruitless so far. Our 2 year old son is fascinated with outlets and fans. If a fan is off, he wants it on. If it’s on, he wants it off. It never ends. He unplugs the fan and plugs it back in when he gets even a second of a chance. I’ve been persistent with keeping him away from them, and was hoping he would just forget after a day or two. This has gone on for about a month now. I don’t know why he’s so obsessed with fans and it’s nothing else. So it got to the point I would hide the fans and not use them. I would put them up in the closet when he wasn’t looking. Whenever he went into a room he would just say fan over and over. The problem is were on the second floor apartment and it’s been hot without air conditioning. So we really need the fans right now. So if he doesn’t listen and doesn’t forget, and I can’t remove the problem… I have to make it impossible for him to unplug them. Regular outlet covers work great for outlets that aren’t being used. I had no idea they had covers that work outlets being used! I’m so happy I found this!!!! I am so so so so so happy I found this!!!! I installed them today and they are a breeze to install. Our son can’t get into it and he can’t pull out the cord. The cover is simple enough to remove for adults without being annoying. That’s huge for me.because we tend to move stuff around a lot. This outlet cover will not work with every outlet and every plug in you have. There’s limited amount of space on the inside. And as I’ve shown in the photos, the cord needs to be thin enough to pin in the two slots provided. This won’t work for any of the power strips I own. Which isn’t a bad thing because it kinda defeats the purpose. I just can’t say how much this has improved my life. It’s a major deterrent. I watched him approach it the first time and after two good pulls he gave up. He hasn’t been back since. Not to say he still doesn’t mess with the fans. He knows how to use the on/off switch. But this is much less frustrating because I’m not worried about him hurting himself anymore. After seeing how well they are doing today, I just now bought a bunch more to be used with all the outlets we frequently use. There were other outlet covers that were higher quality, but the price was rediculous. Over 10$ for just one. I’ll stick with these. Read more

  4. Alias

    It’s fine for standard plugs that are not wide (see photo). I’m forced to use an extension plug in order to power the wide plug that won’t fit into this cover. Prefer to use Twin Door Outlet Cover for wider plugs. Read more

  5. B. Williamson

    I’m giving this 5 stars because even though it wasn’t big enough to hold our dish network plug, it was easy to install and it looks great. It is huge by the way, much bigger than I expected. All you do is take the existing cover off, put this one on and then the large cover clicks onto the top. You can wrap extra cord around a section on the inside of the base. Although it wouldn’t hold our big plug in, I would expect it would hold most sizes. Great protection for little hands! I try to be very helpful in my reviews, if this was helpful to you please click yes, thank you! Read more

  6. Rachel N.

    The first one of these I got was great, so I bought two more from this same seller. The two new ones are nearly impossible to open. I couldn’t open them out of the package, and even damaged my (short) thumb nail because I was pressing so hard it began to bend my nail the wrong way in the pink area of the nail. My husband was able to open it for me and then we got it installed. Later, I needed to vacuum and he wasn’t home, so I had to use a marker to jam into one of the release levers and push as hard as I could until it finally released. I was starting to think even that wasn’t going to work, but finally it did. They are, however, limited in function. You can’t use a very thick cord, and you can’t use a very large plug. Some large plugs will fit, but take up the space of both outlets. I’m able to plug my baby monitor in, but I have to do it on the top outlet, so I can’t use the bottom one at all. On another one, I plugged a power strip in, ran the power strip up onto a tall table, and then plugged things into the strip. Read more

  7. A. Nichols

    I love these things! I put them all over my house on every outlet that had something plugged in and it has withstood my daughters wrath. I will say, it cannot handle phone charges so we now charge our phones on the counter. It can accommodate laptop cords, drill battery charger cords, and all other standard cords but I don’t think it would be able to handle a thick surge protector cord. It’s very easy to install. The only request that I have for the company is that they start making these in white. I was only able to find these in an off-white which isn’t a deal breaker but whenever I look at them I think of diabetic shoes. Other than that, these definitely give me peace of mind while my daughter is walking around the house. Read more

  8. claire lyvinsov

    Garbage. The hole for the cord is so small nothing fits through it. The system is hard for adults to open. Save yourself the hastle I went through and buy something different. Read more

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