Safety 1st smooth installation metallic child gate with stress mount fastening (white), percent of one

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  • customizable width – this safety gate adjusts to healthy doorways and openings between 29 and 38 inches extensive and is 28 inches high
  • preserve it comfy – all pressure-installed gates want to be sometimes tightened, but this protection gate lets you understand when. If the easy-read indicator turns red, it’s time to re-adjust
  • simple one hand launch – adults can without difficulty open the use of one hand, at the same time as the two-motion manage remains tough for little fingers to release and open
  • easy to put in – this pressure-mounted gate calls for no hardware or tools to put in and units up easily in doorways and other skip via areas
  • computerized remaining door: a magnetic latch ensures the door swings closed and locks robotically, without any attempt from a parent
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  • how massive is the opening to stroll through the gate?
  • question: how massive is the opening to stroll thru the gate? Answer: properly morning. We make an apology for our behind schedule reaction. The walk-thru opening is approximately 21. Five inches extensive. For more records, you may reach us immediately through emailing letushelp@djgusa. Com the use of ‘amazon’ as the e-mail difficulty. With the aid of rebekah p. Manufacturer on september 19, 2016 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (2) disintegrate all answers

  • how a ways apart are the bars? Ones character stated 2 1/2 inches any other said gate bars 4-five inches, i need this gate to keep 2- 5 lb maltese puppies in room ?
  • question: how a ways aside are the bars? Ones character said 2 1/2 inches another said gate bars 4-five inches, i need this gate to hold 2- five lb maltese puppies in room ? Answer: hello! The rails on the gate are 2. 5″ apart and the rails at the extensions are 2. 75″ apart. Through courtney b. Producer on october 2, 2017 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (four) crumble all solutions

  • what’s the trick to get one of the longer extensions to connect to the gate? It looks as if the extension (both) are approximately a 10th of an inch too quick.
  • query: what’s the trick to get one of the longer extensions to attach to the gate? It looks as if the extension (both) are about a tenth of an inch too quick. Answer: the longer extension can simplest be attached the facet of the gate that is in addition from the gate latch. I sooner or later figured this out. Took some time because it contradicts what the instructions say to do. Through amazon consumer on february 17, 2017 failed to get solutions. See extra answers (four) fall apart all answers

  • why is the two p. C. Price extra than shopping for 2 individual gates?
  • query: why is the 2 p. C. Cost more than shopping for 2 person gates? Answer: hello! The 1-% may additionally currently be listed on a sale/advertising. Our cautioned sales charge has the two-p. C. At a lower fee than the 1-%, however shops set their very own expenses. By emily o. Producer on september 10, 2018 collapse all solutions


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    5 reviews for Safety 1st smooth installation metallic child gate with stress mount fastening (white), percent of one

    1. Selina

      We highly recommend this baby gate! We have no complaints. Here are some of the things we love about it… 1. It was easy to install. My husband installed two in 10-15 minutes. 2. You don’t have to drill any holes in the door frame in order to install it. 3. It can swing open in either direction. 4. It is sturdy. Our son pulls up to stand at it and we are not a bit worried about it coming loose. 5. It doesn’t close automatically. When our baby is asleep we can leave it open and come and go easily. 6. It is not complicated to open (after the first time or two). 7. You can tell if it is latched correctly, because the top of it will be green. If it is unlatched it is red. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this purchase. For the record I paid full price for this review. I’m a mom who reads all 100+ reviews, so I try to leave helpful reviews as well. 🙂 Read more

    2. Crystal Caribbean

      I. Can’t. Say. Enough. About. This. Gate. I really can’t. I have a 10 month old, a 16 month old, and a 4 year old. I also have a pitbull and a chihuahua. I have now purchased two of these gates, and I will NEVER buy a different gate. Ever. I will not. These are a BREEZE to install if you actually follow the directions, which are preeeeeeeetty crystal clear. You measure the opening, place the appropriate number of extensions, and then tighten the bolts! Once the red indicator turns green, you’ve tightened them enough, and you can snip off the zip tie. DONE! I purchased 4 Pack Wall Cups for Baby Gates, Wall Protection Guard Saver Protects Wall Surface, Door, Wooden Stairs. Safety Fit for Walk Through Security Pressure Mounted Gates to pair with these gates and it is just a WONDERFUL combination of things. These gates are ROCK solid and withstand the test of everything you can throw at them! I have owned well over 10 other gates and NONE compare to the security, durability, ease of installation, and appearance of this one. Read more

    3. Humble & Honest

      UPDATE 1/2021 – this gate has been in the same spot since 2017! I’ve put up & down multiple times when needing to move larger furniture between floors & it goes right back just as it was. Years of rough use from my boys & their friends, big dogs, hundreds of loads of laundry. Not once has it ever dislodged. The only thing that doesn’t work anymore is one if my cats not fitting through the open space I’d rigged by removing the extra bar. But that’s because he’s gotten too fat 😂 I DEFINITELY recommend this gate 👌 ~~~~~~~ Searched FOREVER for a swinging gate. I didn’t want to use headwear to mount into my wall because of the many reviews of damage I’d seen. So pressure mounted was the way to go. This gate had good reviews so I thought I’d try it. Directions were simple to follow, but you DO NEED TO READ THEM! The gate comes with TWO different extensions for flexibility of use in areas with different widths. I have mine at the top of the stairs though it’s not a ‘top of stairs model’ because it’s not hardware mounted. The ability to adjust the 4 different pressure points is great & assures a secure fit. I was able to mount despite the round trim on the bottom and 1″ difference between top & bottom width. The latch to open is easy to use I’ve one handed. The actual walk through area is wide enough to walk through while carrying a laundry basket and without doing yoga turns to fit! My 5 year old can do the latch now that I’ve taught him. The stop locks at the bottom are helpful for allowing only one way opening or add additional lock. I have cats who needed to be able to get up & down from the lower level & while this doesn’t have the special kitty door I did find a solution by leaving out the pole of the small extension. (See photo) I’m not sure if it would effect the overall safety of the gate function but I’m using this to keep dogs from the lower level & not baby safety. I did pull & push on it to too see if it would move but it’s in there nice & tight! So far I’m very pleased and WOULD recommend this gate. If I find any issues as time goes by I’ll be sure to keep you updated! Please feel free to ask me a question & I’ll do my best to answer. 🙂 Read more

    4. K N

      I bought a 2-pack of these gates for use at the bottom of the stairs. The first one took me a bit of time to figure out, but once I did – the second one went up quickly. The installation instructions are accurate. If you buy this — remember to come back and read my installation notes when you install… I used this in conjunction with another product to make it extra secure. I purchased a 4-pack of baby gate wall cups for pressure mounted gates by VMAISI ( These cups have a sort of silicone-like side that sits against the wall to protect it from damage and make it more secure. It seems very secure in this configuration with those extra wall cups, and since this is a bottom of the stairs installation, I feel comfortable with this. (Pressure mounted gates are not supposed to be used at the top of stairs.) Installation tip: The hardest part of the installation was removing the extension caps on the gate if using one or both extensions. The instructions call out a tip to use the bolt side of the bumper to gently extract the extension gaps from the gate. One of the two caps comes out easily (the top one), but the bottom one was harder. You basically need to put the bolt inside the hole of the cap, and WIGGLE it (up/down/side to side) on the inside of the hole in the cap until it comes out. It is impossible to try to take it out with your bare hands (as I did for a good half hour, involving multiple tools and damaging the cap a little). Read more

    5. JessesGirl636

      Haven’t even had it for 4 months and it’s falling apart. First the indicator for whether or not it’s straight fell out for no reason (which wasn’t a huge deal because it still worked), now the trigger part that opens the gate fell out. You can’t open it without that part. I paid way too much for a baby gate for it to be falling apart on me. Update: More pieces keep falling off! The trigger is being held on by hair ties! I DO NOT recommend this gate for a family with kids that will be using it constantly, because it apparently can’t handle it. Read more

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