Sliding door lock for toddler protection – infant proof doorways & closets ((grey/white, 2 p. C. Toddler lock + 2 percent 3m adhesive))

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  • 💞short,protection & smooth way to baby proof your private home. Whilst your little ones begin taking their first steps, you realize it’s time to make your own home a safety environment for them. Those strong sliding door protection locks can effectively assist you shield your toddler, prevent falls and prevent get admission to to off-limits regions that would positioned them in threat, inclusive of swimming swimming pools,patios,shelves,balconies and cleaning resources garage areas and so on.
  • ✅ easy to install : the sliding door locks are so clean to install without a gear at all. Honestly peel 3m tape backing and installation the sliding glass door lock in minutes. Stick it on and your ready.
  • ✅ multi-motive safety latches : infant proofing closets, patio doors & sliding home windows(safety lock’s size: about 2. Eight*1. Eight*0. 28 inch(l x w x h.) please attention: this product is not relevant if the clearance for transferring door or glass is much less than zero. 28inch.
  • ✅ strong material : this infant safety sliding door lock is manufactured from durable abs plastic, with 3m tapes. They will hold your infant in addition to your puppy out of closets, cabinets, and pantries that have sliding doors.
  • ✅ our offerings : if for any motive you are not satisfied with the product or effects, please experience unfastened to contact us. You could purchase this product with self belief and peace of mind.
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product description

infant proofing at its best!

what’s this product and what is it used for? Where can it’s used?

sliding door lock is a baby proofing product with strong adhesives on other facets that permits you to keep your surroundings closed. Not like many other merchandise inside the market, this product is made from the very best nice abs. Keeps your youngsters far from risks by using preventing them accomplishing out to risky places. The infant proof lock is designed to combo seamlessly into your private home with out taking up a great deal area, and may be used on doorways, cabinets,and home windows,amongst others.

installation technique of sliding door lock

why choose aukfa sliding door lock?

  • easy to put in and take away .
  • lessen parenting anxiety & pressure.
  • no tools needed to deploy locks in seconds.
  • works on any surface – glass, aluminum, wooden, & plastic.
  • save you your toddler from falling out of windows.
  • preserve your pets & babies out of trouble and risk.
  • save you your curious little one from messing up your closet & pantry.
  • hold your baby secure from wandering unsupervised exterior into pools & balconies.
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    2 PACK, 4 PACK

    8 reviews for Sliding door lock for toddler protection – infant proof doorways & closets ((grey/white, 2 p. C. Toddler lock + 2 percent 3m adhesive))

    1. Christina

      This product works WELL! I purchased another product similar to this one and it’s depth was too large for my “standard” sliding glass doors. This one fits perfect!The two pack also included two additional 3M adhesives so if you need to remove it you can still reuse it.I’ve installed one on the inside AND the outside of my patio sliding glass door. This way if my little one was able to unlock the simple door lock on the door itself, this safety lock will prevent the door from opening. And if I go in the lanai for a moment I can lock the door from the outside so he still cannot come out.Funny thing is I installed the lock and later in the evening my 18 year old daughter tried to get out into the lanai and couldn’t figure out how to open the door. She didn’t see the child locks at the top and thought the door was stuck. So she tugged and tugged at that door and it still didn’t open. :)Read more

    2. Corey Jensen

      I ordered a pack of these and I’m impressed… with the one that works. The one that works, works very well. It was easy to install, the adhesion is INCREDIBLY strong (I placed one incorrectly and it took more time than I’d like to admit to rip it off), and it prevents the door from being opened. Even when I bump it against it repeatedly, the lock stays put so the door remains closed. The lock is easy to unhinge for opening. Be warned, however, the lockbody itself juts out about 5mm from the surface, so if your sliding door is flush with the other door, this lock will not work. It needs a small gap so the door can slide past.I was happy with one of the locks, however the other lock doesn’t work correctly. I attached it correctly and everything seemed fine. I tested the lock’s resistance by gently bumping the door against the lock repeatedly for a second, and… the door slid open. With a little force, I can bump the door against the lock and cause the lock to unhinge and slide away, allowing the door to open. On the bright side, it should still work anyway because my cats shouldn’t be strong enough to nudge it against the lock hard enough to unhinge it. And the second lock I got in the package works like a charm- no matter how many times I bump the door against that lock, it remains hinged. However, if a young child were to try to open the door with the broken lock enough times, it would probably become unhinged and slide open.Read more

    3. Alyssa

      Works well, tested it and my daughter(3yr) cant reach it or open our slider door with theseRead more

    4. Elizabeth Hill

      The sliding door lock quality is good. The appearance is nice . These work, actually well. The adhesive is strong. which prevents some sliding windows from opening at all.Read more

    5. Peter Ryan

      Easy and quick to install. These work great and are simple enough for us to open with these but our 14 month old can’t figure them out. Win win!Read more

    6. Gabby West

      Great little lock but we use it on sliding windows that we have. Very happy, the lock is convenient and keeps the kitties out of the closets. We have several sliding door closets in the house and resorted to sticks in the track to keep them closed which was a pain to use. great solution.These are perfect!Read more

    7. Deshawn Weiss

      These sliding door locks work very well a. It’s a very simple “jig” but it works very well. Also, these locks can be mounted very strongly with the adhesive that comes on each lock, so there’s no need to screw them onto your window . My cats are no longer able to open my great.Read more

    8. Luke Ryan

      Easy and quick to install. This is helpful if you are looking to baby proof earlier than necessary or in cases where the babies are not in the house all the time, they’re great cat can’t open my sliding door lock.Read more

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