Splashin’children inflatable tummy time premium water mat babies and toddlers is the ideal amusing time play hobby middle your toddler’s stimulation growth

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  • make sure this suits by means of coming into your model quantity.
  • preferrred quality and attention to detail is our aim this water splash pad play mat is made from heavy obligation p. C that has been very well examined and could no longer leak air or water length this is our goal or your cash again
  • stimulates toddler development the splashin’children water fill playmat is an critical device for growing stable head, neck and shoulder muscle mass in addition to honing hand eye coordination high-quality motor and social abilties it is a sensory pleasure that enhances mind improvement
  • stunning eye catching pics watch as your toddler enters our fish tank wonderland huge eyed and curious about the brilliant colors sharp contrasts and adorable floating toys rain or shine is tummy time your infant will attempt to capture and bat the brightly coloured toys as they flow by this child splash pad will offer hours of nice stimulating and healthy amusing
  • a cinch to installation definitely fill the outer ring with air and the internal mat with your desired level of faucet water set it at the floor and allow the a laugh begin it folds easily when empty into your purse or toy bag to deliver alongside everywhere you pass. Its regular to have a plastic scent while its trendy so permit it air out for a few days
  • product specs for a while three months and up with a big roomy play size place designed to keep your toddler boy or female’s hobby riveted product size is 26″ extensive through 20″ tall via 2. Five” excessive six brightly colored toys are covered interior every mat this product is environmentally friendly and bpa loose

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8 reviews for Splashin’children inflatable tummy time premium water mat babies and toddlers is the ideal amusing time play hobby middle your toddler’s stimulation growth

  1. Bella Clausen

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. My babygirl loves her mat! Highly highly recommend this product Read more

  2. Grassshopper021

    Our 3 month old is the calmest baby ever…until tummy time. She becomes a rabid werewolf. She screams, howls, and acts like you are forcing her to do something awful. This mat has changed that. At 3 months we are able to get her to have tummy time in 15-20 minute stints now. She stares at the mat, pushes on it, and when she spits up on it the thing is easy to wipe up 🙂 Filling it with water for the first time is a bit messy, because when you push down the plug water comes out, but after it’s closed it doesn’t leak. We have been using it for a week without issues, and I’m so happy our daughter doesn’t fight tummy time anymore. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Baby wasn’t too impressed, but my cat is obsessed with it. She sits next to it all day and watches the little floating things and when we’re not looking she pounces. Thankfully she hasn’t used her claws yet. It’s a good mat, but just wasn’t for us. Read more

  4. gwynromero

    Good start for an activity my daughter extremely dislikes. Tummy time is tough for us as she simply hates being on her stomach. But this mat held her attention for several minutes. It was important to use the boppy to prop her up as she just face-planted without it (and that quickly ended tummy time for her). We will continue to use it several times a day for short intervals so she can build her upper body strength and all that good stuff. The mat does have a smell, but it’s just the smell of plastic. Like a bouncy ball or any other plastic item that is blown up with air. It’s not terrible. Read more

  5. Stan

    I had a different tummy time water mat and my baby loved to splash on it and watch the fish and water move but that one leaked after a few days, so I went online and I found this one which is made of much stronger material so it doesn’t leak. It is also much larger. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Love this product! I got it for my 4 month old who hated tummy time and I put her on this and she loved it! It is extremely sturdy with no leeks and a very strong plastic! My baby loves looking at the little foam animals in it! All in all a great product for your baby! Especially if they hate tummy time! Read more

  7. MOM B

    Such a fun toy. Baby can lay on belly for tummy time, Sit on the mat or relax on back like a water mattress. The material is very thick and durable. Packed very well. Once filled and sealed well no water leaked at all. Blowing up the outer air section first, makes filling the center portion with water much easier. Kids love moving the foam toys around in the water. The background and pictures are really vibrant and well designed. Really loving this toy and will be buying more as gifts. Would definately recommend. Read more

  8. jonathan waltner

    This is a great fun product for my baby … I just bought it and I love it .. the boxing was perfect .. instructions were clear .. quality of the product is amazing .. I love it and will send this to friends as gifts . Read more

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