Toddler converting pad by means of lil fox. Portable converting pad for infant diaper bag or converting desk pad. One-hand diaper change pad. Infant bathe gifts, new child infant necessities, unisex toddler stuff

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  • single-handed comfort: with its speedy-open hook and loop fastener, customized 100x wipes pocket, minimal 5x diapers pocket and zippered “cunning lil things” pocket — the lil fox transportable diaper changing pad is the best pad that leaves you one hand to keep toddler, and the opposite for their converting mat for a quick nimble change!
  • suits what you need: a transportable changing pad for baby will by no means replace a infant bag, however the lil fox diaper pad makes smooth work of common adjustments. Pocket #1 holds an entire a hundred % of wipes (any logo), pocket #2 holds a minimum of 5x diapers and zipped pocket holds lotions and child objects. And whilst you fold the lil fox toddler converting station (even when filled), items remains cozy. Wallet are 10×6” every.
  • secure: as a great deal as your little cub wants out of those wet diapers, they nevertheless don’t want a cold, hard journey changing pad. The lil fox baby changing mat has a padded surface, with a tender memory foam pillow to cradle their head. Opened, it offers infant a soft 23. 5 x thirteen. Five” insulated surface to wriggle on.
  • outfoxes the rest: the outdoor is water-wicking 300d pu, even as the interior is waterproof peva and handy to wipe easy. To be had in arrow print, it’s for father and mother to proudly show off, and makes best sense as a gender neutral child shower present for toddler female or boy. Folded it’s thirteen. Eight x eight. 4in. To in shape any bag or diaper backpack with a diaper take hold of strap in your stroller, wrist or toys!
  • attempt it nowadays: happy mother and father call it superb lovely, sensible, convenient, clean to use with wonderful pleasant fastening, ykk-zippers and fabric. But we certainly call it a ‘cunning little concept’, that ends the search for whatever else! If for any cause you disagree, you may return it for a complete refund under our lifetime assure!
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product description

a foxy lil concept for changing our cubs

unmarried-exceeded convenience in a single cunning little trade mat

it’s difficult enough to keep our wiggly lil cubs with hands, not to mention preserving them whilst additionally struggling with diapers, wipes and lotions. But now, you can forget about change pads with elaborate plastic clips and hard to get admission to pockets due to the fact the lil fox portable change pad become created for a quick and nimble trade! In truth, it’s the handiest diaper pad that works with one hand, with the whole thing you need accessible!

flip it open and notice what you can keep!

a trade pad will in no way update a infant bag of route, however this transformation pad makes clean paintings of frequent modifications with its one-surpassed fast open fastener and three 10×6” motive-created wallet!

  • wipes pocket holds 100 % of wipes – any brand
  • diaper pocket holds as a minimum 5 medium sized diapers
  • ykk-zipped pocket holds lotions, breast pads and infant add-ons
  • and when you fold the lil fox portable converting pad filled to the brim with wipes, accessories and diapers you’ll adore the way it securely closes and stays compact with out objects spilling out.

    from wet diapers, to a cushy dry tush.

    the lil fox trade mat is padded and has a gentle reminiscence foam pillow to carefully preserve their head

    the peva ‘indoors’ is much like a raincoat. Water beads on pinnacle and wipes away in a 2d.

    crafted from 300d pu, it’s dark and wicks water to minimize staining from public change tables

    cling it out of your stroller, hook it around your wrist or hold toys and pacifiers from it!

    small enough for a diaper bag, large enough for a 12 month antique!

    this is the most effective diaper mat you’ll want for their first year of lifestyles, and perhaps even into their 2nd, because it offers you 23. 5 x thirteen. 5” of space whilst opened out, with a 7” extensive reminiscence foam pillow to nestle toddler’s head. It’s designed to suit into any diaper bag and folds up to a compact thirteen. Eight x 8. 4”. And the thickness will be determined through the number of wipes and diapers you store in the 10×6” pockets.

    it’s a foxy wee component. Compact, but big on capability.

    outfoxes all other toddler shower items!

    available in gray or green arrow print, it’s unisex for mom and dad to proudly display off! So for the ones looking for a child shower gift, you’ll be glad to understand this product is normally first and 2d at the “maximum wanted for” list. And that’s thanks to its unisex shade, “realistic and handy” layout, affordability and adorable lil fox mascot! And while you will be relieved knowing you’ve determined the perfect gift, it’s nothing compared to the relaxation that the watching for parents will feel.


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    8 reviews for Toddler converting pad by means of lil fox. Portable converting pad for infant diaper bag or converting desk pad. One-hand diaper change pad. Infant bathe gifts, new child infant necessities, unisex toddler stuff

    1. Delgado5104

      I wanted to like this changing pad, I really did! But it was just too short. My son is turning 3 months next week and it was already going to be too short on him. I noticed it as soon as I opened it.. the body of the pad was not longer on one end for the legs, as you would normally see on pads. It was the same size as the flap for the head. Otherwise, this seemed to be made of great material and is such a good idea if you don’t want to lug your diaper bag in somewhere. If you don’t mind your babies legs/feet being off the mat on a public changing table, then I would say to go for it! Read more

    2. Army Medic – Civilian EMS

      I really love this product. The workmanship is fantastic and you can tell that they really paid attention to the detail that went into making this changing pad. It’s sturdy, but soft, and I have a lot of faith that it will not let me down. I’m a first time dad with a son only a few weeks away, and I’ve been working on putting together my ideal diaper bag. I’ve tried several other changing pads and without actually having to “use” it, I think this is the best. I returned the others and slipped this one in my bag. The pockets that hold diapers and wipes are both great, and give an excellent hold, and there still extra storage for whatever odds and ends you can come up with. Read more

    3. IrishGirl

      I looked at a number of products and had a specific list in mind of what I wanted: 1) easy to clean, 2) easy to use, 3) slim, and 4) multi-functional. This product delivered on all of my criteria and gave me an additional one – extra padding for the baby’s head. I truly like how easy it is to use – especially one-handed. Having a place for a package of wipes and a toy to use while changing the baby is a plus. I am very satisfied with this purchase. Read more

    4. Amy

      We absolutely love this! My husband insists on having one in every car so that we’re never without diapers and wipes. It’s so great for when you don’t really need to have a huge diaper bag on hand. The changing pad is large and easy to clean, and the pouches hold a full container of wipes and several diapers. 10/10 would purchase again! Read more

    5. Nadia

      Product shown as is. Easy to use. Product uses velcro to close, but it seems as though some of the velcro pieces have fell off. The velcro is very strong, so if it touches a cloth surface it will slightly stick to or cause the fabric surface to slightly shred (i.e. my couch). But because the velcro is so strong you dont have to worry about the changing pad opening up when it’s full with wipes and diapers. I fit about 5-6 size 1 diapers in one pocket and about a 100 ct package of wipes in the other pocket. The changing pad is easy to clean and has a small cushion where you rest the child’s head. Note the cushion is on the opposite side of the velcro, that pressure is another reason why the velcro sticks to cloth surfaces. According to the temperature of your location the changing can feel quite cold. It sometimes wakes up my child when we use it at home. The changing pad is great for accessibility and wanting to keep your neccessary items in one area. Read more

    6. Coleen

      I love this changing pad. It’s thicker, more durable, and better quality than the changing pads that generally come in the diaper bags. It has a padded pillow type piece for baby’s head so it isn’t laying on something super hard, and the side pockets are great for wipes and creams. It’s also been nice to throw in a couple diapers that way, all you have to take into a changing room is this pack instead of the entire diaper bag. Read more

    7. BK2011

      Absolutely In LOVE. Super cute and perfect to keep everything organized and together. I don’t like the flimsy ones that come with a diaper bag so I replaced it with the lil Fox, at first seeing it online I was concerned that once wipes were put in it would be over bulky or not close. It was perfect! I ordered a second one the next day for my husbands diaper bag. Fits perfect In a cross body style diaper bag that doesn’t have as much room as messenger style and fits even better in messenger style! I have a friend expecting and this is definitely going to be a gift for her a well. One of my favorite baby must haves! Read more

    8. Molly

      As a mother of a little boy that would turn into a little sprinkler everytime you took his diaper off, this saved me from a lot of clean up. Instead of having to wash a blanket or scrub the couch or wash a changing pad cover after he would pee everywhere, all I had to do was wipe off the changing pad and it was done. I know it’s meant for travel, but I keep one in the living room stocked with diapers and wipes. Extremely handy, I never have to get up and go to his room just to do a quick diaper change. I can fit up to 10 diapers in this and a full pack of wipes. Read more

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