Toddler einstein 4-in-1 kickin’ tunes song and language discovery pastime play fitness center

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  • four modes: laying, sitting, tummy time & take-alongside
  • 70+ sounds & activities and 25+ minutes of track
  • consists of 7 removable toys, which include a magic contact piano, and 1 prop pillow
  • mat is device-washable; clean to easy
  • ships in completely enclosed packaging
  • 3 aa batteries required, no longer covered

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  • the mat seems to be lacking a loop so as for me hook the toy bars to?
  • query: the mat seems to be missing a loop in order for me hook the toy bars to? Solution: the loop are all on the corners of the mat through marivic vegetation-doidge on june 22, 2019 did not get solutions. See more solutions (1) disintegrate all answers

  • the piano does not have any language putting. It’s just music. How do i set the language?
  • question: the piano does no longer have any language putting. It’s just music. How do i set the language? Answer: thank you for reaching out to us! Please use the invention mode to allow each piano key to cycle thru all 3 languages. There isn’t always a manual transfer to isolate every language. Regards, through ethel d. Producer on december 17, 2019 did not get answers. See extra answers (three) collapse all solutions

  • my piano is defective, it doesn’t play any terms or numbers, whether in english, spanish, or french. How do we replace it?
  • question: my piano is faulty, it doesn’t play any phrases or numbers, whether or not in english, spanish, or french. How do we replace it? Solution: returning to amazon. Take a look at batteries first by means of patricia kershman on march 28, 2020 disintegrate all answers

  • how do you turn the languages?
  • question: how do you turn the languages? Solution: thank you for contacting us. The language on the 4-in-1 kickin’ tunes™ music and language discovery health club may be modified to discovery mode using the toggle switches at the piano. The left switch might need to be moved to the bottom alternative. Satisfactory regards. Through a manufacturer manufacturer on may additionally 9, 2019 disintegrate all solutions

    8 reviews for Toddler einstein 4-in-1 kickin’ tunes song and language discovery pastime play fitness center

    1. Nina Vu

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Just got it today. My 7 weeks old baby loves it! Just see the smiles on her face… 🙂 Read more

    2. khryste Griswold

      The large plastic screws that hold the legs to the piano are a major choking hazard. My seven-month-old can unscrew them. They are not designed to lock into place. I called the manufacturer to report it and they told me that my seven month old baby must be smart And to just take the legs off. I was pretty disappointed with that response and thought they would be more concerned. Read more

    3. Stephanie

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This product is amazing! My son is 6 weeks old & he loves it! He loves when his feet hit the piano & he can play his own beats, he also loves all the color and the music it plays! Totally worth the money as this is a cheaper mat then most! Read more

    4. Kinesieng

      I have a very active 6 weeks old daughter that can roll over since week 1 and every diaper change feels like a wrestling match. I can always count on finding her on the other side of the crib every time she wakes from her sleep. I love watching her smile in amusement while doing her bicycle kicks and double leg press to the piano, we have been entertained for 20-30 minutes to the music while she coos, grins and smiles. The mat has been wonderful for tummy time, she likes the mirror, doing the cobra and even creeping around on the mat. This has been one of the best purchase I have made for the price! I would recommend it to mothers with an active baby! Read more

    5. Amie J.

      False advertising. Giving this a 1 star total. This is a “language discovery” item and in description says it speaks 3 languages. Other reviews show this to be fact as well. Ours does NOT have any spoken words. I asked (you can see in questions) if there was a mistake and manufacturer said there is no languages on this product? It’s in the product name and description. It is one of two reasons we purchased this so I’ll be returning. Update. Returned and purchased again when on a lightening sale. This piano works! And came with batteries. There was a CLEAR difference in who sent the product. I suggest those having pianos not speak languages as advertised to reorder. Photo shows the difference. Box on left is most recent and correct and box on right is wrong and came from Hong Kong Will update rating once I unbox it. But piano can be sampled through packaging so I know that works Read more

    6. Millie

      Piano doesn’t work properly. We have gotten multiple and it has the same issue. Issue is that the lights don’t flash on the piano. Sometimes the on/off button doesn’t work. Overall, my child uses the play mat but not worth the money for something that doesn’t work properly. **update— it broke. The music stopped and it started making a humming noise. Had to turn it off to make the humming noise stop. Read more

    7. BeLLaDiiVa

      My oh my, have these toys evolved!!! This keypad is touch-sensitive👀. My daughter LOVES this thing. She likes the lights and sounds being interactive. We now use the pad for tummy-time and she sits in her bumbo seat to play with the piano upright. She loves it because it makes music! I love it because it keeps her quiet so I can do small chores around the house☺️. She was 3minths when we got this. Shes 5months now. And she STILL uses every part of this toy, Lol Read more

    8. Izzy

      Honestly sometimes i feel these things are over priced this one wasn’t too expensive and i could understand price point because of the piano. My favorite feature it also is sensored by touch vs you having to actually push down on a button. Unfortunately the pictures that tell you where to turn it off and which setting it’s on has rubbed away from my toddlers playing with it. The screws on the side that connect the legs on the piano also aren’t great. They unscrew very easily(should have listened to the review that stated that also) the toys are good and so is the color of the play may itself has color but not an over whelming amount of it. Overall it’s okay playmat my son doesn’t complain and is entertained but it. Read more

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