Touchless thermometer for adults, forehead thermometer with fever alarm and reminiscence function, best for infants, toddlers, youngsters, adults, indoor, and outdoor use

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  • make sure this suits by way of coming into your model variety.
  • rapid and easy temperatures readings: taking your family’s temperature with this digital thermometer is as easy as pointing, and urgent a button. It uses infrared era, and may show readings in celsius or fahrenheit.
  • multi-mode thermometer: the digital thermometer is designed for every age, adults, toddlers and elders. It not simplest helps forehead characteristic, however is capable of take room/item temperature. ℃ and ℉ are without problems switchable.
  • superior era for brilliant overall performance: we provide extremely touchy sensors and the modern day smart chip with the optimized algorithm to supply reliable readings and make certain splendid overall performance. Just quicker, more dependable, precise, and hygienic.
  • you can shop 35 ttemperature effects on it: the thermometer is ready with an internal reminiscence that could keep up to forty units of facts readings that allows you to maintain song of the historical temperature modifications for you and your family.
  • pleasant layout: the frame of the no-touch thermometer has a non-slip design, and the liquid crystal display show is obvious and clean to study, the display can be used at night without in mild.

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the goodbaby forehead thermometer available do you want to take your toddler’s temperature when they are asleep but are frightened of waking them up? This infrared thermometer is just what you need to keep away from own family problem within the middle of the night. Click on ‘upload to cart’ now and get your self one. It makes use of the modern infrared generation to get correct temperature readings with out the want for bodily touch. This makes it a very hygienic device for taking forehead temperature readings, and is a should-have tool for each home. Built in features for introduced convenience aside from getting an correct reading with out touching the skin, this brow thermometer features a fever alarm and reminiscence function that make it a very available tool. The fever alarm will flash a orange backlight and supply 3 beeps to alert you of feverish temperatures (above ninety nine. 3°f), the fever alarm will flash a pink backlight and provide 5 beeps to warn you of feverish temperatures (above one hundred. 4°f), and the memory function allows you to store as much as 35 readings and use them for future reference. It’s far a reachable device to have around and is ideal for home or hospital use. Why you will love this digital thermometer offers you cost for cash build for absolute comfort hygienic and professional grade fast and accurate measurements revel in the ease of a digital thermometer nowadays. Taking temperature measurements has never been this speedy, correct, and clean. It is sincerely well worth every penny.

8 reviews for Touchless thermometer for adults, forehead thermometer with fever alarm and reminiscence function, best for infants, toddlers, youngsters, adults, indoor, and outdoor use

  1. Carina

    Very well worth the money. It’s soooo fast, sooo easy to read and understand and soooo convenient. It came with batteries already so saved me the trip to the store. And a little drawstring bag to keep it safe. Very happy with this purchase. Read more

  2. Deidre Love Sullens

    Checking out thermometers to purchase for our local elementary school and caught this one on a lightening deal. Couldn’t be happier! I’ve never had a non-touch thermometer before, so I compared the temp readings to my trusty Braun Ear thermometer that I’ve used for 5 years AND a standard oral thermometer. The forehead reading was within .1 of both! (Temp reading scanning at the Ear instead of forehead will be higher- but the instructions included a note about this range difference for expectations. Planning to scan forehead only anyway so no problems for me there.) Batteries came in the package – that made me super happy cause I could use it right away. AND it came with a nifty little satchel bag to keep it in! (Which will come to good use since I’m keeping this bad boy in my purse). Super stoked that it comes with a warranty too! Great ALL around – no regrets!! Read more

  3. Danny Shock

    Received the GoodBaby Thermometer. Features are great. Easy to use especially for infants and children. Surface temp feature great also. A little pricey but worth it! Read more

  4. Ecolometrics

    This works fine if you understand how this works. 1) Unlike a regular infrared thermometer this uses a green light instead of a red laser for targeting and has a closer working distance. I use this on people instead of my regular infrared thermometer because I do not want to accidentally shine a laser in to someone’s eye. 2) Additionally this does not read the actual temperature, but rather gives you an estimated temperature based on an applied temperature offset. This is because your forehead is cooler than your core. Keep this in mind. I forgot about this one night and freaked out – I put a label on it “forehead use only” for those sleepless nights when I forget the basics. 3) Don’t stress over the decimal points. I useally measure my forehead temperature then the babies, and note the difference. Most of the time it is 98.4/98.4 or 97.7/97.7 and etc. Read more

  5. Go2net

    My family needed this especially because we have to do a temperature check every day before going to work and school. I appreciate the free batteries that came with it because I was able to use it minutes after opening the package. It gives a reading in a second, while our old thermometer took minutes and gave different readings. I only wish we had this when our child was a baby who resisted having his temperature taken. Read more

  6. Jesse

    This thermometer has been great since I’ve gotten it. I had to read the instructions to get started out of the box, it wasn’t exactly “ready to go” immediately. It didn’t take long, and once I got the ambient temperature set up it’s been fine. Nowadays, my wife and I like to play a game where we sneak up on each other and read our temperature. We win nothing for playing this game, and we have no idea how anyone could lose. But it’s fun running up and scaring the snot out of partner so we keep playing. I can describe the scene for you: My wife is sitting on the couch with her back to me watching the Great British Baking Show. It’s early winter the sun has just set and it’s dark outside. “Oh my gosh” she said, “They dropped a whole lemon in the pastry for a pond pudding.” “That’s gross.” She’s distracted and I know it. I open the little pouch with the thermometer and slide it into my left hand. I have on my ankle cut socks that are just thick enough to let me mostly silently slide across the hardwood floor. I have to be quick but not rush, I have the element of surprise and the high ground. I slide my feet along the floor, 1 step, 2 steps 3. “Ha!” I exclaim beeep from the thermometer and a flash of green along her right temple. “I gotcha!” “I gotcha”. I show her the screen 97.4 degrees F. “I gotcha you hot son of a gun!” She smirks at me and acknowledges her defeat. I can see the the wheels spinning, she wants to get me back good. She respects my game. You’ll have your shot lady, just not within the next 5 minutes. – End Scene – Read more

  7. Alan Kuramoto

    Thermometer is easy to use; however, it is does not give an accurate reading. Since I received it and each time I use it, my temperature reading or that of others is never 98.6 F, as opposed to the temperature reading of my oral thermometer. Usual temperature reading when using this thermometer is between 97.0 F and 98.0 F, but I guess this is better than readings over 99.0 F. As I understand it, according to WebMD, normal temperature reading for an adult is between 97 and 99 F, that said, I shouldn’t complain about the temperature readings. Read more

  8. Texas mom

    I researched extensively before choosing this thermometer. This touchless thermometer reads the forehead within seconds. I stand in front of a mirror so I can see the green laser beam that shows me the exact forehead spot that I want to read. The directions are easy and clear. Especially this year, this is a great thermometer to own, should someone in your family fall ill. We can quickly measure each family members temperature with ease. I love the ease of this design. Read more

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