Travel worm toddler & little one car back seat protection jumbo reflect – shatter resistant – rear & ahead facing (jumbo)

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  • make certain this fits
  • via coming into your version quantity.
  • wide angle infant vehicle replicate: this convex tour mirror gives you peace of mind whilst on the street and allows hold toddler in perfect view.
  • installs fast: adjustable straps and buckles for easy installation and elimination. Suits most headrests and adjusts for the first-rate view.
  • convenience and safety: shatter risistant convex replicate has a extensive viewing space so you can without difficulty watch your infant and they can watch you.
  • automobile reflect works with rear and ahead dealing with automobile seats: this flexible grey reflect measures (eleven. Seventy five” long x zero. 25″ wide x 8. 25″ excessive) and may be used as your child grows and adjustments seating positions.
  • first rate easy to smooth: long lasting, shatter resistant reflect and frame effortlessly wipes easy.

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8 reviews for Travel worm toddler & little one car back seat protection jumbo reflect – shatter resistant – rear & ahead facing (jumbo)

  1. Amazone Customare

    Fits the 2nd row passenger side headrest of my 2013 Honda Odyssey perfectly. My tiny baby’s head is visible from the driver seat without needing to angle the mirror at all. I like that this has no ball joint or breakable pieces – it’s literally a mirror with straps. The mirror is a bit convex, but I don’t find that to be distracting at all. The mirror allows me to see quickly what is happening, and I can then pull over if I need to attend to him. Great basic mirror!Read more

  2. Mark E

    It stays put, there is no angle adjustment. Being a convex (wide-angle) you do not need to adjust it. I am very happy that it doesn’t move. 1) you cant bump it to the wrong angle 2) kiddos cant kick it. 3) road bumps don’t move it.I can see both of my kids’ faces; I have a mirror on both headrests. If you need to adjust it, just wedge a rolled washcloth or towel behind the mirror. It mirror material is very clear and break-resistant plastic, take the film off before after installed. The construction is solid, I think it will last for many years. Only issue was during install that the buckles to tighten it were cumbersome to use. If you can remove the headrests this will make it a lot easier.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Mirror is light, easy to install and very visible from the front but I returned it because you can’t adjust it. I couldn’t see my baby(unless you count her forehead). Maybe if you had a triangle wedge of some sort but angling it and then getting it to stay was too difficult and annoying.Read more

  4. Soraya Katmeh

    We’ve tried 3 brands of baby car mirrors with the ball joint before this one, and this one is the best! The ball joint ones shake too much while driving and they always always always end up falling out after a while because they are so flimsy. This mirror solves that problem! I love that it’s just a Velcro strap and two clasps. I will never go back to the ball joint mirrors ever again after trying this! However, our car’s headrests (2019 Mazda CX-9 suv) are a bit on the smaller side so even with the straps tightened to the max amount it was still a little loose, but by using the Velcro strap we were able to tighten around those looser straps. Just something to keep in mind if your car has smaller head rests like ours.Read more

  5. IvyLynn Olson

    My twonage granddaughter has decided car rides are the devil and screams like a banshee whenever you take her somewhere. It’s super fun.So I decided to try a mirror, and thank Bertha, it worked! She’s back to loving our road trip adventures!Because she’s a twonager-going-on-threenager, she has naturally kicked the mirror a few times or ninety. This thing still looks new – no cracks or scratches or even scuffs from her demonically sharp little karate feet chops!100% going to find and hug whoever came up with these baby seat mirrors – and double hug whoever made this one because it has literally saved lives – ours and hers!Read more

  6. kdea473

    I moved my toddler’s mirror from her seat to the baby’s seat, so that I could have a view of the baby. She noticed almost instantly, and wasn’t particularly thrilled. Within a day, it became clear that I wasn’t the only one using the mirror — she also used it to see me, which was reassuring to her. I promised her we’d get her a new mirror. I couldn’t find one to match the existing one I had, so settled for a two-pack so that she could also have one in daddy’s car.My main consideration in finding a new mirror was simplicity — I didn’t want it to light up or play music, and I didn’t want it on a swivel (as that seemed likely to be the failure mode, and those stick out further from the headrest). The price was right at the time, so I bought this one.There are a lot of straps on the backside (more than our existing mirror) so it was a bit of a hassle to get them undone, sorted, attached, and adjusted to the headrest. Once done, though, it works just fine. I gave the toddler the option of getting her original mirror back, or using the new one, and she chose the new one. She tells me every day how excited she is about the mirror.I’m pleased with the mirror, as it does exactly what I need it to do. The toddler is also pleased, as she can see me again.Read more

  7. Alexis

    I love this mirror! I initially bought a mirror with a plastic arm on the back- it was super cheaply made and broke after a month. This mirror seems more durable and gives me better visibility of my baby. The gray look matches nicely with my gray Rav4.My only complaint is that you are supposed to be able to see your baby no matter what angle the mirror is, however I couldn’t see my baby at all when I first installed this. I had to shove a few napkins behind the back to angle the mirror down towards the car seat.Read more

  8. Sara E

    My car (Hyundai Santa Fe Sport) does not have a middle headrest in the back seat, so I was skeptical if I would be able to angle this enough to see my son rear-facing in the middle. I took some folded up cardboard to make a wedge, and it works perfectly – I get a clear view of him without all the bouncing that came with the pivot-type morrors.Read more

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