Trilastin maternity stretch mark prevention cream – paraben-free, hypoallergic, and safe for being pregnant – 4 ounces

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  • stretch mark prevention cream: helps enhance skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks from forming
  • vital oils make a contribution to the effectiveness of trilastin stretch mark cream preventing stretch marks from being pregnant
  • ph balanced: relieves itch and dryness to protect, soothe, and nourish the pores and skin
  • herbal components: carries 15 extracts and botanical oils enriched with important fatty acids and antioxidants
  • hypoallergenic and paraben-free: examined & safe for being pregnant pores and skin

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  • i comprehend it says “unscented”, but is there any odor at all?
  • question: i comprehend it says “unscented”, however is there any scent in any respect? Answer: although it says unscented, it honestly has a scent. It smells like mango and isn’t always too overbearing. Through valerie m. On january eight, 2021 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (three) fall apart all solutions

  • will this bleach clothes ?
  • question: will this bleach garments ? Answer: no, our maternity cream will now not bleach clothes. By way of factors brands supplier on december 15, 2020 disintegrate all answers

  • how do you understand you acquired actual product and no longer a chinese language imposter
  • query: how do you understand you received authentic product and no longer a chinese language imposter solution: hi kristin! Make sure you take a look at the vendor that the product is shipping from. Elements manufacturers is usually a safe bet! By factors brands vendor on october nine, 2020 collapse all answers

  • at how many weeks do you endorse begin the usage of the cream?
  • query: at what number of weeks do you advise begin the usage of the cream? Solution: thanks for accomplishing out! We propose early on, when you are simply beginning to expose. Hope this enables! By means of factors manufacturers seller on september 17, 2020 crumble all solutions

    8 reviews for Trilastin maternity stretch mark prevention cream – paraben-free, hypoallergic, and safe for being pregnant – 4 ounces

    1. DMD

      I’ve been using this product diligently since the very beginning of my pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy and I never missed a day of applying it right after the shower. The product itself smells great like citrus, is not greasy at all, and feels like it disappears right into the skin. Unfortunately, it did not work to prevent stretch marks for me. I’m in week 29 and sadly woke up to the angry red lines on my tummy. I am like many women predisposed for stretch marks but I still wanted to try everything I could. When purchasing I didn’t find very many reviews from black or darker skin toned perspectives, and wanted to leave one in case anyone is wondering. Read more

    2. Kristin B.

      I’ve never written a review before, but I wanted to write one for this product. This is my first pregnancy and I started using this at 11 weeks. I am now at 39 weeks without a single stretch mark. My midwife even commented on my lack of stretch marks at my checkup this morning! I only applied this once a week during my first and most of my second trimester, and then began to use once daily around 6-7 months when things really started to POP. In all I bought three 4oz containers throughout my entire pregnancy, and bought a fourth to use for postpartum application. I also love that this is not heavily-scented, as a lot of lotions can be too smelly and overpowering. Just a note: I used Trilastin in combination with exfoliating once a week and keeping super hydrated–I also had gradual weight gain with my pregnancy (132lbs to 188lbs), so I think these all factored in with the use of this lotion, but I couldn’t be happier with the results of this product. Read more

    3. Jordan Smith

      They say stretch marks are hereditary; if your mom had them then you’ll get them. My mom got tons of stretch marks because of us so I thought it was the inevitable for me but figured I’d give it a try to prevent them. I used this stuff my entire pregnancy (my husband got me hooked on it) and I didn’t get a single stretch mark and I just had my baby 4 days ago. This stuff is seriously amazing. There were even a couple times where I’d start to see stretch marks surfacing so I’d put a little bit of the lotion on the stretch mark 2-3 times a day on top of my normal morning and night routine and the next day the marks were gone. This stuff is incredible. Would highly recommend. Read more

    4. Pole

      I’ve been using this cream with my previous 2 and did not get a single stretch mark where I’ve been putting it on. I did get some stretch marks on the side of my love handles and I did not put this lotion there. Now at 32 weeks with baby#3, my belly is a lot bigger this time and I’ve been applying this cream since my 1st trimester everywhere where I thought I might get stretch marks. So far no stretch marks and those that I had faded even more. Very satisfied!!! Read more

    5. Juliette Backey

      I’m currently at 39 weeks and ready to have this baby any day now. I started using this around the end of the first trimester since I didn’t know I was pregnant until 12 weeks. I have used it daily after showering(the best time since your pores are open) all throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimester. I went from pre-pregnancy weight of 190 lbs to 230 lbs. There are no stretch marks anywhere on my belly! I wish I had used this when I was a teen because I do have stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs from a growth spurt. This is why I know I would have gotten the marks had I not used this product! The smell is very pleasant, but disappears fast. The consistency is smooth and creamy, not oily or sticky. It feels great and smells great. Grab at least 3 jars for your entire pregnancy, or do subscribe and save. I’d say each jar lasted about 2.5 to 3 months. Read more

    6. Chara

      Sadly products don’t work for everyone…this is baby number one for me. I used this everyday since I found out I was pregnant, and it worked well until now. The picture shows month 7, still using. It helps for moisturizing, but as far as stretch mark prevention, nope.😭 Read more

    7. Sherri Lee

      I used this stuff on my first pregnancy and it significantly reduced the stretch marks I had already developed on my breasts. I was referred to this almost at the end and by that time my stretch marks were already there. It helped make them BARELY noticeable to the point that my husband (that I met 2 years after I had my first child) didn’t realize I had them until I pointed them out, or he was just being really nice. (Of course I still see them clear as day) I have begun using it again on my second one hoping that it will prevent any more from occurring, so far so good! (I will update after baby to see how well it prevented) Read more

    8. Hannah Reide

      This lotion makes your skin feel amazing and smells great without leaving your hands/body feeling greasy. This is my first pregnancy and I started using the lotion when I began showing towards the end of the first trimester. I am now at 20 weeks (and surprisingly very popped out) and no stretch marks so far! Only time will tell if this will work once I’m full term, but so far I’m very optimistic. My only complaint is the tube does not last long at all. I wasn’t great about using the lotion consistently (I kept forgetting) but if I were to use it daily, I’d be surprised if it even lasted 3 weeks. That being said, I have already ordered another tube, but will probably try to find something in a bigger bottle. Read more

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