Unbuckleme car seat buckle release device – as visible on shark tank – makes it smooth to unbuckle a baby’s car seat – smooth tool for dad and mom, grandparents & older kids (1 p. C., warm red)

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  • no greater pain – the proven vehicle seat buckle release device that gets rid of thumb pain and broken nails from unbuckling a infant’s vehicle seat
  • scientifically examined – patented lever arm reduces the force needed to unbuckle a toddler’s car seat through extra than 50% and enables everybody with constrained hand strength, which include grandparents with arthritis or youngsters in the college drop-off line
  • designed for comfort – gentle, grippy floor keeps it strong and offers a secure surface for urgent
  • flexible – works on all infant automobile seat buckles in the america and many strollers, high chairs and other push-button devices
  • circle of relatives based – invented via an occupational therapist who has thumb arthritis
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product description

unbuckleme makes it 50% easier to unbuckle

designed for ease & consolation

invented by using a grandma

light-weight and bendy

unbuckleme has a thin underside that without problems slides beneath the buckle. It works on all 5 point harness push-button baby automobile seat buckles. Connect it to a keychain or diaper bag, or store simply in the car. Do no longer connect to the car seat, and keep out of attain of youngsters whilst not in use.

college dropoff made easy

bypass unbuckleme again to an older toddler (four yrs+) to teach them to unbuckle when the car is parked. Kids love the independence and dad and mom love the convenience! Use under strict adult supervision and maintain unbuckleme out of reach of kids, in order that they can’t unbuckle themselves whilst the automobile is shifting.

the way it works

1. Carry & slide

carry lever arm to slide around buckle

2. Middle & pinch (or squeeze)

middle the peg & pinch ends together. To create leverage, press at the stop of the lever arm (no longer over the crimson button)

3a. Pull down with thumb

use the thumb and forefinger to drag down to speedy and easily launch the buckle

3b. Pull down without a thumb

use the heel of the hand to drag right down to fast and effortlessly release the buckle (requiring no thumbs at all!)

as seen on shark tank

on can also 6, 2020, a mother and daughter from houston, texas, tested their portable machine designed as a option to competently and speedy get children inside and outside of a automobile. They acquired gives from all five sharks to support their developing commercial enterprise!


1 Pack, 2 Pack


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8 reviews for Unbuckleme car seat buckle release device – as visible on shark tank – makes it smooth to unbuckle a baby’s car seat – smooth tool for dad and mom, grandparents & older kids (1 p. C., warm red)

  1. BrittanyC13

    My daughter is almost 5 and still in 5 point harness. She can’t get the bottom button released but is otherwise able to get herself out. We attached this to the back of the opposite seat with a little extendable tether so she can’t reach it unless we hand it to her. When it’s time to get out, we just stretch the tether and she’s easily able to get out. Great product. Just ordered 3 more for family members’ cars!Read more

  2. JustineEmily

    My 3-year-old can unbuckle herself! I bought this at 36 weeks pregnant when I could no longer reach my 3-year-old’s car seat to help her unbuckle in carpool line. She figured out how to use it in about 30 seconds and is so proud to show off her new skill. I like that it is kept in a cup holder or elsewhere and doesn’t attach to the strap itself, since I worry that ones that attach to the strap could interfere with the function of the straps in a crash. It also gives me the option of putting it on a lanyard or something and only giving it to her when it is okay to unbuckle herself if she ever tries to unbuckle herself when the car is moving (which she understands is unsafe). It gives me some peace of mind that she can unbuckle herself in case of emergency, too. My mother-in-law, who has arthritis in her fingers, also ordered one so that she can unbuckle her grandkids after struggling for years. I wish we had diacovered this sooner!Read more

  3. Albert Fam

    If you have one of those really tricky/difficult buckles, then you’ll appreciate the UnBuckle Me! Otherwise, probably not.I was super excited to get the UnBuckle Me for our daughter to use right away on our Christmas road trip, and she did, but now she never uses it. “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. For it to be most effective there is a SLIGHT learning curve, and she wants it to work her way or no way.It will release the buckle…at least one side…if you place it correctly and just press against their body, but it works best & releases both buckles if you hold the device front & back, then squeeze. So it doesn’t reduce the work to unbuckle, but does reduce the required force. She figures she’ll just keep using her fingers instead of an additional, slightly cumbersome device.If she were using it, the durability of plastic in our cold ND winters is a concern. I could see a typically child, almost innocently, busting it at the bend.Read more

  4. C C

    I was having surgery and was only going to have the use of one hand. I searched for a product to make it possible to get my daughter out of her seat. I came across UnbuckleMe and decided to give it a try. I wish I would’ve had this all along. I’ve struggled for 4 years with that red button! I have relatively small hands and have acrylic nails. I often worried if I had to get her out quickly, if I could do it. Now there’s no worries. My daughter can actually do it herself. The hardest part of having the UnbuckleMe is making sure it doesn’t get misplaced in the car. It does have a loop for a key chain or strap. Every car seat owner should have one of these!!!Read more

  5. Kellene

    I love this product. I am a grandma with a three-year-old granddaughter. I never liked taking her places because it was so hard to undo the buckle. I have nails, so I would try releasing the buckle with my knuckles or my thumb, but it was frustrating. I had bought another brand but this one is so much better and easier to use. I ordered pink, my granddaughter’s favorite color. When we get in the car she says, “do you have your pink thing grandma?” 😊 I would definitely buy from this seller again.Read more

  6. EandKJohnson

    Bought this so my 5 year old could unbuckle herself. We tried a cheaper one that worked slightly different before this one and she couldn’t work it. We bought this one and she was able to unbuckle herself on the first try. She loves that she can be independent now and I love that I don’t have to get out of the car to unbuckle her when dropping her off at school and other places. (I have a very small kindergarten).Read more

  7. Barb

    I am a Great Gma who helps babysit our 14 month old baby of the family. I could get her into her carseat just fine, but trying to get her out was a different story! Usually one or both of us were in tears.Then I found Unbuckle me~~ It is easy to use and works great every time. I keep it in my purse always!! It makes getting baby out of her car seat so easy now. I would recommend this for anyone who has ever had trouble with the red button on car seats!! This is just the greatest!!!Read more

  8. Shopping Maven

    What a fantastic invention! I am a new grandma with thumb arthritis, and opening the buckle on my grand daughters car seat was next to impossible for me. This little device was the best purchase ever! No effort, I simply place it over the buckle, press down and the buckle unlocks! I ordered two and I’ll keep one in my daughters car and one in mine. I may actually buy more for the strollers too. You’ve made a happy grandma even happier!Read more

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