Up & away wire safety p. C.

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  • right away receives cords out of reach
  • absolutely hassle free. No greater winding, unwinding, looping, or fiddling
  • genuinely pops on and rancid the magnet when you need to open or close your blinds
  • does not compromise or intervene in any manner with the functionality of your blinds
  • smooth set up, compatible with all blind cords

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8 reviews for Up & away wire safety p. C.

  1. RB

    This is nice, not sure this was a necessary purchase for us though. Pros; it looks nice, has a minimalist look to it, easy to install. The packaging was nice. And it’s a nice idea in theory. Cons: I don’t like the size, I’m afraid it’s just small enough to be a choking hazard which yes this should be up out of the way but we all know in real life people are busy and rush around. It is easy to use but you have to really pay attention to hit the magnet and you literally just slide the cord in, there is no clasp to secure it. Also the cord still dangles so if you have any furniture in front of the window Keep in mind your little one could still get to the cord. All my family and friends looked at me like I was crazy for getting this they either removed their blinds or tied their cords up for their little ones. So ultimately it’s about what you want, almost 14 bucks for this to me was a little steep but some really loved theirs. Overall this is very nice and it is well made, I just don’t think I needed it. **edit** so after about three months of use ( I don’t even raise the blinds every day either) the magnet popped off the wall I replaced it but I’m thinking I’m going to take these down. 14 dollars is too expensive for this to be happening. Also the magnet is definitely small enough to be choked on. So word of warning for future buyers I would not recommend Read more

  2. Shelly

    We purchased these after one of our kittens was playing with blind strings and fell and on the way down the cord wrapped around his tail and caught him. Luckily we were home and able to free him. We decided we needed to purchase wraps. But our windows are higher and behind furniture so reaching to wrap cords every day seemed like a hassle. I found these and decided to give them a try. Because our windows are behind furniture that the cats can sit on top of I had to put the magnet much higher to still keep the cord out of reach. But it’s a great alternative to wrapping and un-wrapping every morning and every evening. I only gave 4 stars because of the price. I plan to purchase them for all the windows in the house but at $14 for each pack I’m looking at $84 total. I think it’s a great product for safety though. My one complaint is when purchasing, I thought the piece that goes on the blind cord was going to be snug on the cord and stay in one place. Instead the cord slides through freely meaning that you would have to adjust the cord through everytime you attached it to the magnet. I remedied this by tying a knot in the strings above and below the rubber piece so that it stays in one place. This is why I removed one star for easy to use. It seems like the product will continue to hold up as long as you arent continually removing the rubber piece as I’m sure by separating it continually will wear it out or by repositioning the magnet, for obvious reasons, would wear down the adhesive. Read more

  3. Zsolt Táskai

    The product looks great when you install it. The knobs are a bit too big, but still very minimalist and easy to handle. BUT… The magnet is fixed on the wall or window frame by two-sided tape which will let go in a month or two. And at that point you have a choking hazard on top of the initial strangulation hazard. The magnet is the perfect size for a kid to swallow or choke on. I tried to drill a hole into a fallen magnet to fix it on the wall with a screw, but the normal titanium drill bit failed on it. All in all, if you don’t have small kids, this is a great stylish option for your pull chords or charger chords. But if you have babies, stay away from it. Read more

  4. Mark Costa

    This elegant, soft to the touch, clever little puck solves the problem of a cat that has discovered the cord on our blinds. With two to a pack the second has found a home on my desk keeping my lightning cable handy and out of trouble behind my desk. Read more

  5. CK

    I have 30 blinds in my house, and with a toddler and 3 cats, this makes for a lot of nuisances and potential dangers. I have installed Up & Away cord packs throughout and, while it was an initial investment, I am so glad I did. They look great; they do not impede our ability to open or close the blind quickly; they are easy to remove if I move or no longer need them, and most importantly, they keep the cords out of reach of curious kids and cats. I had one issue with a couple magnets and contacted Bink, the manufacturer, and received a replacement pronto. The person I communicated with was nice too (not a given anymore!)! I wholly recommend this product Read more

  6. Molly and Anthony

    Such a simple but effective product! We needed something to help get our window blind cords out of our toddler’s way while still keeping the length for when we use them. I was going to use some wall brackets to loop them around but wasn’t crazy about drilling into the window frame. Found these and it is the perfect fix! Looks stylish enough, the magnet has stayed nicely stuck to the frame, and it makes opening the blinds a one second operation. Some reviews mentioned the hole of the disc not clasping their cords well enough — ours were the same so we just looped them around the outer edge of the disc once to double it up and they’re perfectly in place now. Really happy with them! Read more

  7. madgeical

    Out of all the baby products I’ve gotten that say, “easy to install” on the packaging, this is the only time it’s been true. You install it in seconds, it does what it should do, and the magnet is a genius & discreet way to hold up the blind cords. This holder keeps the cords away from both my baby and my cats, who are relentless about the blinds. The winder-type holder doesn’t work for us because of the cats so this covers all bases for us. I bought 1 set to check out, and I love it so much, I’m back to buy sets for all the rest of our windows. Read more

  8. MMeyer

    I love the concept and for most blinds, it should work perfectly. I’ve got 12-foot ceilings and duo blinds, meaning a lot of long cords. With the help of a friend who held open the “puck”, I was able to stuff the cords in the opening between the two sides. It keeps the cables away from the kitties, which was my concern, but it’s good that I don’t pull the blinds up and down because it wouldn’t work well with the amount of cord stuffed into the “puck”. Read more

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