Upgraded model toddler walker, baby 6-24months toddler multi-feature anti-rollover folding walker 6 heights adjustable toddler walkers for boys&ladies (pink)

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  • third era: newly upgraded model toddler walker, with safer and more potent materials, unique uncooked material pp plastic, excessive high-quality pu cushion, no any harmful scent.
  • adjustable heights: 3 walker heights and 5 cushion heights, clean to adjust and locate the perfect fashion for your child. Recommeded for baby’s top between 65-85cm / 25. 6”-33. 5”.
  • clean fold&spread: 4 times for the identical one step to fold the toddler walker, minimum foldable peak for much less than 4. Five”, easy to store, little space profession, whether under the sofa or mattress as you like.
  • 8 huge wheels: 6. 5cm/2. 5” off the floor, more potent bearing capability, 360° rotatable and silent, put on-resisting and smooth, no scratches to the ground.
  • note earlier than the use of: alter walker peak and cushion top to let the toddler’s ft just touch ground at the same time as take a seat on the cushion; whilst baby within the walker, adults must stay close by.
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product description

product records:

product call: toddler walker

fabric: abs + pp plastic + black pu / grey flax material

suitable age: more than six months

maximum load: 15 kg

gross weight: 3. 7 kg

packing length: 25. 2″ × 25. 19″ × 3. Five”

adjustable seat height 9”-10. 1”-11. 2”-12. Three”

adjustable walker top sixteen. 5”-17. 3”-18”

silent pu wheel

silent general pu massive wheel,does now not affect the restand excessive wheels to avoid folder foot.

foldable baby walker

easy and speedy folding, the excessive most effective 8cm free to keep after folding and do no longer occupy an area.

modify seat

the seat can be adjust 23-25. 7-28. Four-31. 1 cm to follow the growth of the toddler.


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8 reviews for Upgraded model toddler walker, baby 6-24months toddler multi-feature anti-rollover folding walker 6 heights adjustable toddler walkers for boys&ladies (pink)

  1. Wrench69

    When I first saw this walker, I thought the design was genius- 8 wheels to allow for movement in any direction, which would provide the baby with a very easy way to get around, rather than the standard 4 wheel design with two locked in place (non-castering). The design does allow this type of movement. However, the space between the bottom of the seat pad and the top frame of the walker (the space where the baby’s torso sits) is very large and wide open. This allows the baby to fall through this space when they twist their upper body, such as when they are trying to look at something to the side of their vision. The first time this happened, I thought it was a fluke. After the 2nd time this happened to our baby, we stopped using this walker. If the leg openings were much smaller, this would be a great design. Unfortunately, in its current state, it’s just dangerous. Read more

  2. Samantha Myers

    I should sue the company that makes this. My daughter fell out the side of the seat and got STUCK half way in and half way underneath and her shoulder was stuck in such a way I couldn’t pull her out as she was SCREAMING. I finally managed to maneuver her out of it. THIS THING IS DANGEROUS!!!! Read more

  3. Kali Schmidt

    I really wanted to like this due to the amount of money I spent on it. It is very expensive for a walker, that’s for sure!! Unfortunately, it is a super big safety hazard to use with our little guy. The way the seat is designed makes it to where it you have it at the lowest setting, where your child can touch when they’re smaller, the seat is the most narrow. Our kid is 7 months and I’d say pretty typical size for his age. I wanted to use this for him to join me in the kitchen while I cook or do dishes. So I can keep my eyes on him, but still have free hands. The way he falls through makes it so I can’t use this for that. I have to be readily available to pull him up if he falls through. I try to shove blankets in the seat area, so he doesn’t fall through, but even that doesn’t work. The Good: We tried a cheaper one, but it wouldn’t roll in the carpet. This one does roll on the carpet quite well! It was easy to put together. It folds flat, making it easy to travel with. I really wanted to live this walker, but am too afraid to use it. I’m hoping he can thicken up to be able to use it safely! Read more

  4. Barbara Arnett

    The best walker on the market. The wheels are free spinning. Being circular it moves easily in any direction and turns on a dime. It has three growing levels that are easy to maneuver. Sits high enough off the ground to not be hindered by carpet. The small tray does not inhibit the baby with baubles or expansive tray. There are no rough edges. The seat is softly padded. I would order another one in a heartbeat. Read more

  5. Paige Anderson

    It has been 1 month since we’ve had this walker and let me just say…honestly….It’s GREAT! So i can’t say for certain yet, but it has yet to flip over and my little monster has been trying her hardest to flip it at the end of the driveway. Setup was a breeze(watch your fingers), it’s basically the ATV of baby walkers. It goes on carpet, hard wood floors, concrete, over/through smalls rocks, grass, mud. My only issue is that, i think there could be a little more coverage on the seat. It kinda covers like a baby thong once i put her in the walker. Read more

  6. Victoria C.

    I love how my baby can walk around with me and do her own thing so that I can cook and clean but the height adjustment on the legs were kinda difficult to fix to her height. Also the seat is way too narrow and my little girl fell through the leg hole and hurt herself. Which makes it hard for me to do what I need to do without keeping an eye on her so I can pick her up when it happens. I really don’t think this baby walker is worth the money. At least not for smaller babies. My daughter is 9 months but a little in the smaller side. Read more

  7. Rebekah

    We love the wheels on this walker! The tray with no toys is great for focusing on walking. We lowered the stars due to the material and design of the seat. They need to add some type of an adjustable Velcro belt to keep babies in place. Also the material is already coming apart in the crotch area and we’ve only had it for a few weeks. Over all still a good buy compared to other walkers on the market. Read more

  8. libby marshall

    LOVE this. It rolls over everything with ease I got this for my 11 month old grandson who has developmental delays and cannot crawl, isn’t pulling up and has no core strength but had been able to stand up using an exersaucer we wanted to see if this Wouid hep make him stronger and give him the cognitive recognition to propel. At first he could only go backwards in it a bit but a few days later he started moving forward a few steps. I. Less than 2 weeks he has learned to propel while sitting in it all over the house. This has given him more freedom to roam And helped him be more curious as well as taken his being locked into just watching things on a tablet as his main Intrest to now chasing the dog around and going to his brothers bedrooms. We are delighted. We read another review that this is the ATV of all walkers and it couldn’t be stated better. Only down side and it’s minimal is the bottom strap that the baby sits on coud be a little Wider sometimes it seems like how’s siting on a tho g and he slips to the side. But he is always being supervised in it so it’s no problem to readjust him. If you are liking for a Walker to help with something Similar in your child this is a great choice. He’s too weak to have used a standard cute Little Walker. He needed one that really rolled easily and this was the perfect choice plus it has lots of wheels and it’s rounds so it’s very safe as far as working if it will tip over. Hope this helps Read more

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