Uxu corner protector, baby proofing, table nook guard, baby safety furniture nook protector for child, 24 p. C.

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  • tasteless and safety – our uxu corner protector is fabricated from percent, silicon and bpa free. They are produced underneath a strict widespread and pop out to be exceptional great. So the nook protect does no longer have a severe worrying smell, ensuring the protection of you and your family, mainly the toddlers.
  • up to date clean transparency – primarily based on the first technology, we introduced an upgraded transparent corner protect. The furniture corner may be virtually displayed, even the information of the feel. So it wouldn’t have an effect on the appearance of your furnishings.
  • broadly use – do you always do not forget the desk corner protector which is appropriate on your furnishings or not? Do not worry about that. Our child safety protectors can widely use in different materials and fixtures, which include wooden, glass, desk, cupboard, fridge and so on.
  • strong adhesion and no stain removal – the powerful adhesion can support kilograms of pressure. Even adults can not smooth to peel it off. And corner protect can be removed without residue. A hair dryer would cast off it easier. So your fixtures could not be broken.
  • exact customer service – we purpose to offer proper pleasant product and honest service for our customers. If you aren’t glad with our nook protector or service, we are thankful to remedy your hassle.
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product description

uxu, a mother & toddler brand

our idea: we’re the protectors and defend what is crucial to you

awareness on mom and infant products and protection of own family safety

developing begin-united statesare hungry for client guide

corner protector and side protector

our products are protecting products that every family need to have. A corner protector can offer safety for the own family to keep away from injuries.

the child proofing corner protector is appropriate for most materials and furniture. That is a convenient child proofing corner protectors and easy installation.

  • 1. Transparent
  • 2. Strong adhesion
  • three. Tasteless
  • our benefit

    our desk corner safety is made from percent, silicon and bpa unfastened. It has no sturdy smell. It is a qualified made of infant protection.

    our uxu corner protector is greater transparent and bright, does not intervene with the advent of fixtures, and decreases the attention of the kid.

    primarily based on the first generation, we’re based on marketplace wishes and evaluations and up to date the viscosity of the adhesive after continuous improvement via the technical group of workers.

    a way to installation it?

    smooth the floor of the fixtures without stains and dust

    after doing away with the protective layer, do not contact the floor of the adhesive together with your hand.

    stand at the nook and press difficult, make sure the protector is solid enough for twenty-four hours.


    Tasteless 12 Pack, Tasteless 18 Pack, Tasteless 24 Pack

    8 reviews for Uxu corner protector, baby proofing, table nook guard, baby safety furniture nook protector for child, 24 p. C.

    1. Giril Edakkunnath

      Exactly what I was looking for! We have baby and she is starting to walk and starting to climb on everything she can. Our house is definitely not baby proofed and have many sharp corners everywhere including our coffee table and breakfast table both made of glass and metal. We wanted to protect our baby from hurting herself anyway possible. However, we wanted to make sure not to buy some of the ugly corner protectors on the market theses days. This was perfect buy and great value. See my photos. They fit great on any corner. They are clear and beautiful for all your expensive furniture without killing the “look” They are easy to install and stay on well so your baby can’t peel it of too easily. Definitely glad I bought this over the ugly foam ones. Save yourself the injuries and try this out Read more

    2. NC_GEM

      I was in need of corner protectors for our crawling baby who is into everything! Our baseboards have sharp points that have been worrying me with our little guy crawling, so these were perfect. I wanted something clear that wouldn’t be obvious, both for my decor, but also to keep my little guy from trying to play with them. The adhesive is strong and these are quick and easy to apply. I also like that the adhesive is clear too, as some others didn’t seem to be clear. There are several other spots in our house I plan to use these, and there are plenty to do that! Very pleased with these! Update: After living with them for a couple of weeks, I am still very pleased! My baby has tried to pull them off, but hasn’t succeeded. I’ve also had the thought that even if he did pull them off, they really are large enough that I don’t think they would be a choking hazard. Read more

    3. Neeru

      I needed the corner protectors since my baby has started holding things and try to make balance to stand up.. i was worried about her getting hurt with the corners.. I really like this product.. it kinda covered the sharp edges and was very easy to install.. idk how long it’s gunna last but it glued pretty well So i would definitely recommend it for this price.. Read more

    4. Appliance Queen

      Working from home, you learn to adapt items earmarked for other needs to your needs. I have a desk with a printer shelf. And I would daily bang my hand and make my finger bleed. A coworker with little ones suggested I get these. And I did. The good – my finger is much happier and healed. All sharp edges covered, which makes it easier for my older dogs who stumble into the desk a few times a day. The bad – these don’t work well on cheap particle board desks. When I pulled one off to reposition it, it took pieces of the top layer with it. I don’t care about the desk, since I can cover it up if needed, but be careful when not adhering to real wood. Stickers are impossible to remove. I wound up throwing a few out and not using the edge sticker on everything. Instructions are non existent and the stickers do not line up well with the protectors. Overall, it’s perfect for my needs and I recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a cheap way to take care of sharp edges. Read more

    5. Daniel

      Purchased another brand and style of corner protectors so my children will not get a corner straight to the head. They worked well until the adhesive pad came off. Really cheap adhesive pad. Purchased these and let me tell you!!!! They provide more than enough adhesive pads. And they work really really well!!! When you peel them, they do not leave a sticky residue. The pad is a bit harder than the other ones I bought but much more compact and not as noticeable. Overall, extremely satisfied with the product Read more

    6. RXJ

      I havent taken one off yet so I dont know if it will be kind to the furniture. However, this is a great product. I bought a similar one previously and it fell off very quickly. This one stays. I think they weigh less and the adhesive is better. I never write reviews but when I was looking around I couldnt tell the difference one product from another. This is one that definitely works. They also give extra adhesive stickers, but i dont even think ill need it. Thanks to someone who actually sells a real product. Unless it rips apart my furniture when I take it off but i wont know that for like 3 years. Read more

    7. Mr and Mrs Up

      We wanted something to cover the corners of our raised bed gardens and decided to try these. We used a different adhesive (gorilla outdoor double sided tape) than what’s given so I don’t know about the adhesion, but they were easy to install and will definitely round out the corners. They are made of hard plastic, not soft cushions/gels so you’ll still get a bruise if you fell on it, but at least not sharp. So far we’ve had heavy rain fall and winds for two occasions and they’ve remained glued, even though there’s some condensation build up beneath it. Read more

    8. Nikki N.

      There were no instructions included with this. Now, it’s not that it’s difficult to install, its very easy. However, they give you these little adhesive stickers to peel off and put inside the little corner protectors. All three of the sides are basically the same, so I was not sure whether you just peel off ONE sticker for the part that goes on the top of the desk OR if you would attach a sticker to each of the three sides that touch the corner of the desk. I counted them and they did not add up either way, as to whether you should attach, 1, 2 or 3 stickers to each corner. So, just a simple line of instruction would have been helpful. Otherwise, they look nice for a corner protector. I got these because my Angus McTavish The Border Collie hangs out with me in my office and since he loves to jump around and play with his toys, he’s almost hit his face and mouth on the corner of my desk, so that’s why I purchased these. Thanks from Angus and me! Read more

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