Vmaisi adhesive magnetic cupboard locks (12 locks and a couple of keys)

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  • 12 locks and a pair of keys:vmaisi infant proofing adhesive magnetic cupboard locks, child protection for drawers and cabinets
  • works for maximum shelves and drawers: child proofing magnetic cabinet locks work on shelves and drawers door for childproof. Use them inside the kitchen, toilet, pantry room, garage place, and bedroom
  • invisible from out of doors: cabinet locks set up internal shelves or drawers, hid from youngsters and guests, making your own home greater attractive, while cabinet locks baby protection also imparting perfect baby safety
  • hold your toddler safe: the magnetic baby safety lock is to keep your curious little youngsters faraway from drawers and cabinets full of dangerous gear with simple, baby safety cupboard locks allowing you to have peace of thoughts whilst your kids discover your home
  • magnetic locking gadget: child safety magnetic cupboard locks set up on the inner of your cupboard or drawer. The fixings are secured with tape to preserve your locks in location. Magnetic keys are supplied to disengage the locks. Ought to you misplace the keys, any sturdy magnet can be used to disengage the lock

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  • is there a manner to buy greater magnets one by one from an entire percent?
  • question: is there a way to buy greater magnets separately from a whole %? Solution: sure, you may buy magnets key here: https://www. Amazon. Com/dp/b074t77j4c via vmaisi safety seller on june 25, 2019 didn’t get answers. See greater solutions (3) collapse all answers

  • is there a video set-up guide? The instructions & pictures are not great clean to me.
  • question: is there a video set-up guide? The commands & photos are not terrific clean to me. Solution: clean to put in after watch video right here: https://youtu. Be/3l9k-shoeze with the aid of vmaisi safety vendor on august 15, 2019 disintegrate all solutions

  • locks work best earlier than installation,however once hooked up on door it does not paintings. Why not?
  • this can appear if you deploy the lock too close to metal (like a metallic knob/take care of, screws, or metal buried within the timber). In truth, i ran into this hassle all through my set up. I advise the use of the magnet key to check for any metallic bits in drawer faces and doors previous to installation. If the lock is installed too close to metal that’s on the surface, or buried inside of a drawer face or door, the locking mechanism may not interact due to the fact the magnet in the lock might be interested in the steel, preventing the lever from popping up and snagging the catch. I ran into this problem despite the fact that i established the lock faraway from the metallic cope with and screws. After disposing of the metallic manage and screws from the drawer face, i still skilled the issue. However, if i removed the lock from the drawer face it worked great (the lever would pop up whilst the magnet key wasn’t applied). I eventually decided that there had been small bits of metallic buried in the drawer face (possibly small woodworking nails/staples), and confirmed it with the aid of using the magnet key to move alongside the timber, feeling it being pulled in diverse locations. I really moved the lock to a distinctive vicinity far from where i felt the pull on the magnet, and that solved the trouble. See much less

  • is there a manner to disengage the locks while not in use?
  • query: is there a manner to disengage the locks whilst now not in use? Answer: yes. There is a ‘switch’ beneath the latch. If it’s miles down the locks will interact, however if you lift the transfer, it’ll maintain the latch down and prevent it from enticing. You may really see the latch depress and not upward push again after the switch is raised. Through mable b on march 28, 2019 did not get answers. See more solutions (2) collapse all answers

    6 reviews for Vmaisi adhesive magnetic cupboard locks (12 locks and a couple of keys)

    1. Kristen Floyd

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have been looking for magnetic baby locks for months that don’t require screwing into your cabinets. These are great! I just installed them today. My whole kitchen took about 20 minutes. The 3m tape on the back is so sticky! I could not be happier! Side note: there are screws included if you want to go that route. Read more

    2. Michael P

      I purchased and installed 2 sets of these cabinet locks (24 total) to keep our very active (fully walking), and curious 10 month old grandson out of our cabinets. He loves to pull on handles and knobs. These locks work well, but it’s worth noting a few things: 1) I recommend using the magnet key to check for any metal bits in drawer faces and doors prior to installation. If the lock is installed too close to metal that’s on the surface, or buried inside of a drawer face or door, the locking mechanism won’t engage because the magnet inside the lock will be attracted to the metal, preventing the lever from popping up and snagging the catch. I ran into this problem during my install, even though I installed the lock away from the metal handle and screws. After removing the metal handle and screws from the drawer face, I still experienced the issue. However, if I removed the lock from the drawer face and operated it while holding it in my hand (as a test) it worked fine – the lever would pop up when the magnet key wasn’t applied. I finally determined that there were small bits of metal buried inside the drawer face (probably small woodworking nails/staples), and confirmed it by using the magnet key to move along the wood, feeling it being pulled in various places. I simply moved the lock to a different location away from where I felt the pull on the magnet, and that solved the problem. 2) The 3M adhesive is strong and works well. I didn’t need to use the screws. If you mess up, you can try prying the entire lock or catch off the cabinet surface, rotating it away from the surface while applying substantial force. In my case, I was able to pry the lock and catch off and reapply them using the original 3M adhesive, without damaging anything. Every situation is different, so use caution. If you think you might damage something, you can use dental floss to slice through the 3M adhesive strip, remove the lock/catch, then peel the remaining adhesive off the surface, and apply either a spare adhesive strip provided, or get some double-sided foam tape from a retailer (Target, Home Depot, etc), and reapply. 3) If you have inset doors, you can use the locks by first attaching 3/4 inch square dowel cut to length (about 3 inches) behind the top header of the door frame (you can attach it using double-sided foam tape available from various retailers such as Target, Home Depot, etc). You can purchase 3/4 inch square dowel rods from Home Depot for about $3 (36 inch long rod), and ask them to cut several 3 inch lengths for you using their power saw. See first pic for example. 4) They’re difficult to use with drawers that are narrow or shallow (e.g. a small bathroom vanity). In that case I went with black Command picture hanging strips instead, which worked well (see last pic). Read more

    3. Eric The Geek

      Unlike most of the similar items on Amazon, this one comes with an alignment tool to make installation much easier, and screws if you need instead of using the included 3M tape. I have these installed the normal way, and even have one installed on it’s side for a corner cabinet and it works great. When I was installing, I noticed while on one of my cabinets that it wasn’t going into the locked position. I was able to figure out that the reason why was because there was some kind of ferrous metal hidden in the cabinet to fasten it together. If you use the included magnetic key to check the area first, you should have no issue, I moved mine only about an inch and it works fine now. I would not attempt to use this on any metal cabinet (at least anything with ferrous metal, i.e. iron, steel) as the contacts in the unit themselves are magnetic and can keep the unit from locking. Read more

    4. GooGooProof

      I’m a service provider for GooGooProof-Childproofing Services in the greater Seattle area. I selected this product after looking at several brands. The criteria I used for selection was safety of design, proper function, packaging, and price. – Very beautiful design with rounded edges to prevent injury if contact is made with the latch while the cabinet’s open. The action is smooth and there’s a switch to disable the latch when not needed. This device will add value to the future sale of your home. – Can be installed with 3m sticky surface or screws. Many brands do not have this choice. – Each 12 pack of latches comes w/ 2 mags for about 20 bucks: a great value. – They come neatly packaged in a slender box 4”x4”x9”. I like not having to have sharp knife for cutting open plastic containers. The container itself can cut me or the knife. – 2 installation tools come w/ each set. The included instructions could be more clear but there are links to videos demonstrating installation. – In summary this product is very well designed, well made, well packaged, and a good value. Read more

    5. View from the hills

      Let’s face it, babyproofing your home can be a real pain, but it is about the most important thing you can do to keep toddlers from becoming too adventurous when you take your eye off them. One must consider that “One Time” when you didn’t see and something tragic happened. That said, it took me a long time to find a door and drawer lock that could be disengaged when baby wasn’t visiting. This is it, and it works beautifully! The locks themselves are made out of plastic and are opened with a strong magnet that disengages the hook part of it. The lock itself is held in place by a sticky glue surface. When baby is not present you can turn the hook part down with your finger so it won’t lock. More than one time I jerked my arm when trying to open a drawer that was locked. They do work very well! Read more

    6. Courtney

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I love these locks! None of my cupboards have side by side handles so these are great! I have one cupboard that is a little warped so the latch keeps coming in stuck. But all the other cabinet have held up through adults and 4 kids tugging on them. When we remodel our kitchen I will be buying another set for the new cabinets! Read more

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