Vtech vm819 video child screen with 19-hour battery life, 1000ft lengthy range, vehicle night time vision, 2. 8” display screen, 2-manner audio speak, temperature sensor, energy saving mode and lullabies

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  • 💖 great-in-magnificence battery existence and range – with up to 19 hours of video streaming on a single charge, this system lets you display your infant throughout the night without difficulty. During the day, this screen machine’s dependable long operation range up to at least one,000 toes, lets you move about your day and remains linked together with your infant from every other room or even from the backyard.
  • 💖privateness assured. No wi-fi or app pairing – relied on with the aid of us households for greater than 3 a long time, each vtech screen is transmitted via secured inner 2. 4ghz channel with fhss technology, so that you can rest confident that you’re the only one that can pay attention and spot your child.
  • 💖 2. Eight” show seeing your toddler in full sight day and night – the 2. 8″ display suggests your lovable infant’s frame in complete view – no motion is over-sighted. Want more element? The digital camera zooms up to 2 times.
  • 💖 soothing lullabies and a pair of-manner communicate – gently lull your child to sleep with 2 calming melodies and a pair of units of ambient sound, inclusive of white noise and a trickling movement. Except, this system helps 2-manner communicate returned, lets your child to pay attention the sound of your voice regardless of where you are.
  • 💖 automobile-on display screen and sound symptoms – remember the fact that your rest is as crucial as your child’s, the display’s display may be flip off and the sound be muted to let you the silence wanted and to save electricity. Be relaxation confident that whilst it’s far off, it is nonetheless monitoring the child inside the history. While it alternatives up any sound over your vox settings, the display screen will automatically turn back on. The 3-stage sound indicator at the parent unit can permit you to visually alerted when child is crying.
  • 💖 clean set-up plug & play – the parent unit and the digital camera are configured for monitoring right out of the box – no pairing or connections required. The digital camera can be set on table top or wall established.
  • 💖 temperature sensor – the built-in temperature sensor at the baby digicam will send alert to the parent unit. Lets you know whilst it’s time to alter the thermostat.

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  • what can the highest vox placing hit upon? Would it not switch on if my toddler started coughing?
  • question: what can the highest vox placing discover? Wouldn’t it turn on if my toddler commenced coughing? Answer: hello – the vox sensitivity at the vtech vm819 has five stages. The discern unit speaker is constantly on, and you may pay attention all sounds (which include heritage noises) from your baby’s room whilst set to the highest. Thanks on your hobby! By a manufacturer manufacturer on may additionally 12, 2021 crumble all solutions

  • can you use your telephone to view video if you’re no longer domestic?
  • question: can you use your telephone to view video if you’re not domestic? Answer: wendy – the vtech vm819 does not have wifi functionality. You may test models vm901 or rm5754hd wifi toddler monitors in case you are searching out a infant reveal that you can get entry to using a mobile application even if far from domestic. Thank you on your hobby! Through a producer producer on can also 11, 2021 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (1) fall apart all answers

  • does the actual camera ought to be pluggged in or does it fee after which making it cell?
  • question: does the real digital camera must be pluggged in or does it price and then making it cell? Answer: hello – yes, the digicam or infant unit of the vtech vm819 wishes to be plugged in to an electrical outlet to operate. Thanks for your interest! By way of a producer producer on may three, 2021 failed to get solutions. See extra answers (1) fall apart all solutions

  • does it filter white noise consisting of a fan?
  • query: does it filter white noise including a fan? Answer: taylor – sure. If you are going to apply a fan, please ensure that it’s far established faraway from the vtech vm819. Thank you for your interest! By way of a manufacturer manufacturer on may additionally 10, 2021 crumble all answers

    7 reviews for Vtech vm819 video child screen with 19-hour battery life, 1000ft lengthy range, vehicle night time vision, 2. 8” display screen, 2-manner audio speak, temperature sensor, energy saving mode and lullabies

    1. Dulcea

      This monitor is as good as or better than the one we had from Baby Sense that cost 3 times as much. Read more

    2. Alisha

      This is perfect, don’t need anything “better” the size of the monitor was small I thought at first but after getting use too I really don’t mind on the size. I can fit it in my pocket, fits anywhere in the house. Love it Read more

    3. Lanie

      The night vision is great! It’s perfect for what we needed! Read more

    4. baby momma knows

      Honest review here. This is a great monitor for babies and a great gift for a baby / mommy to be!! Here is what I love: 1. Great battery life. Up to 19 hours of video streaming on a single charge. 2. Great range — Have no problem in my 2600 square foot house. Lasting range power. No connectivity issues. 3. No wifi or app pairing and has a privacy protection. Uses secure 2.4 GH technology. 4. Good size screen at 2.8 inch display. Good zoom capacity as well. 5. The temperature setting is an awesome feature too! I love that and give me more piece of mind. 6. Love that connection is easy and no pairing required. 7. Plays lullabies and has 2 way talk… great for “night night” and to be able to communicate. What I don’t love: There is not much to not love at this price and they amazing features that are included. 1. The camera is not wireless. The monitor device is. There is not a problem for me but might be for some. 2. The camera can not be adjusted enough… so if the baby moves to an unforseen area can’t always see her. 3. The screen viewer is not the best more clear quality… it’s is fine but not top line. Hope this is useful. This is definitely top of the line for the price catagory… but if you can afford more you might want a clearer screen and to have a more moveable camera. Otherwise highly rated! Read more

    5. roxycowgirl

      I actually got this for my horse trailer to keep an eye on the horses and it worked great! The biggest challenge was getting a power source for the camera, but it worked great on a portable power station that I already had. This camera works great because you are not restricted to wifi. The camera was light and compact and I was able to position it where I needed it to be to see both horses. I really liked that it had a temperature gauge as well. I was able to tell the horses were getting hot and stopped to open all the windows and vents. It is a great peace of mind when trailering. I also found it funny that the horse we thought was antsy was actually the calm one. I am very pleased with this camera and have no complaints. It does just what I need and o won’t be trailering without it! Read more

    6. Kelly Sottelbaum

      We are pleasantly surprised with this baby monitor. A huge plus is the need for no app, WiFi, or internet to make this work. Once plugged in, our monitor paired with the camera without issues and we were able to see baby clearly in the dark and light. The quality is surprisingly very good, a nice clear picture with great color saturation – even in the dark, the contrasting black/white/grays make the picture very visible. There are very minimal “bells and whistles” with the camera which is perfect. The camera does play some music/white noise, can be voice (cry) activated and is timed as the screen does go off. The camera has to be plugged in so only the monitor can be cordless but really I don’t need to move the camera around the house. Really trying to find a downside of this camera is just nitpicking – would be nice if it wasn’t made in China, but maybe next year… Overall a great baby monitor that does the job very well without being connected to a cloud – or anything else! Read more

    7. Nebti13

      This is a fine little baby monitor. It can be used for a number of purposes besides baby monitoring. If you have an elderly adult living with you, it can be a good way to monitor their safety at night as well. This is a basic monitor that keeps to the fundamentals and adds few frills. it broadcasts on the 2.4 Ghz band, the same band used by many other household radios. This is the band used by many wifi routers, but this monitor is not wifi equipped. So far it doesn’t seem to interfere with houshold wifi. No tilt/pan/zoom. No huge monitor. Plays two lullaby melodies and two white noises. Audio can be sent and received from parental monitor and there is a mute, which past VTech monitors of this size have lacked. Good night view with IR camera and light illumination. There is a temperature sensor in the sending camera which enables you to monitor the temperature and can be set to alert to high or low room temperatures. The sending camera in the baby’s room must be plugged in to work. The portable receiver/monitor is equipped with a battery that comes with a charging cable and can run from 19 (non-power saving) to 29 hours (power saving) in optimal conditions. A fine simple monitor. Read more

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