Wondfo a hundred ovulation check strips and 20 being pregnant check strips kit – fast take a look at detection for domestic self-checking urine take a look at (one hundred lh + 20 hcg)

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  • exceedingly touchy – tiers of hcg as little as 25 miu/ml can be detected inside three to 5 minutes.
  • clean to use layout – each take a look at is sealed in character pouch. It can be carried everywhere with privacy safety.
  • brief and dependable result: dip the check in urine for 5-10 seconds and examine the result in three-5 minutes (double traces for pregnant and single line for no longer pregnant).
  • fee % layout – for women looking to conceive or put together for being pregnant. Ovulation tests help predicting the most fertile days, although cycle lengths are variable; being pregnant checks inform pregnancy sooner than ignored duration. Enough ovulation test strips assist customers preserve tracking on their ovulation and decrease the probability of missing the lh surge.
  • client pride assured – all checks have ce/fsc accredited. We are dedicated to be the excellent home tests issuer. Refund or return for faulty merchandise are proper.
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product description

wondfo is one of the earliest excessive-tech biological organizations specializing in rapid diagnostics and is continuously paying a whole lot interest to the r & d, concerning innovation as the soul of the agency’s improvement.

we are dedicated to creating the sector a higher location with the aid of presenting humans with excessive nice products and services.

wondfo being pregnant take a look at strips and ovulation take a look at strips mixture

the cost percent of ovulation and pregnancy take a look at strips is mainly designed for clients who’s trying to get pregnant certainly. All strips all are fda-approved and over 99% accurate. Tracking ovulation surge with our ovulation take a look at strips can assist clients are expecting their maximum fertile days, and the being pregnant test strips give the effects.

our merchandise are extraordinarily easy to use. Clearly dip the test in urine for three seconds, and ranges of hcg as low as 25miu/ml may be detected within three – five minutes.

  • over 99% accuracy.
  • every strip is packed in man or woman pouch for smooth convey and sanitary.
  • short and dependable end result: dip the take a look at in urine for three seconds and examine the bring about three-5 minutes.
  • fda approved – all assessments have fda/ce/fsc accredited provide you with the peace of thoughts.
  • recognise what to anticipate in 3 smooth steps

    after urinating into a disposable cup, dip the ovulation test strip tip into the urine for five-10 seconds.

    do no longer immerse beyond the max line indicated on the strip.

    lay the strip flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent floor. Outcomes will show in three-5 mins.

    do not study outcomes after 5 minutes.

    at exactly five minutes, study your result.

    at precisely 5 mins, read your end result.

    check on the proper time

    in case your cycle is shorter than 21 days or longer than 38 days, seek advice from a health practitioner.

    in case you are pregnant, the hcg degree should be high enough for detection with the test on cycle day 1, which is the day that your period generally might begin.

    if start trying out as early as four days before cycle day 1, undergo in mind that your body may not but produced enough hcg for a tremendous take a look at end result. In this case please repeat the test days later.

    everything you want to appropriately music ovulation and stumble on early being pregnant, our set offers you premium quality products you can accept as true with.

    willpower to consumer

    our customer dedicated staff is to be had to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, we offer clients instantaneous resolutions for any issue.


    40 LH 10 HCG, 50 LH 20 HCG, 100 LH 20 HCG

    5 reviews for Wondfo a hundred ovulation check strips and 20 being pregnant check strips kit – fast take a look at detection for domestic self-checking urine take a look at (one hundred lh + 20 hcg)

    1. Kira Fischer

      I have nothing but good things to say about this product. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 8 months. I was at the point of starting to get stressed and worried about the process when someone recommended the Wondfo ovulation kit to me. I had already been tracking my periods with an app for several months, and thought I had my ovulation days pretty well honed in. These test sticks were a game-changer, though. Thanks to the low price I was able to test as much as I wanted. I started testing day 8 of my cycle, once around 10am and once around 10pm. I kept this up as I started to see a faint line, which gradually got darker and darker until I was getting an unmistakeable positive. Cut to two weeks later! I took my first Wondfo preg test 2 days before my missed period and got a very faint positive. Kept testing religiously, watching the line get darker and darker. I’m posting a review because I know how important it was for me to read other women’s testimonials when I was trying to conceive. I highly recommend these test kits, although I also think it’s a good idea to track your cycles with an app like Fertility Friend. Hope this helps! Read more

    2. GadgetFamily

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I love these cheap little test strips! We have been pregnant 10 times and Wondfo pregnancy test strips have picked up our positives before any other commercial home pregnancy test products we have used….and I feel like we have used them all. I always get a faint line on Wondfo strips at 8-9 DPO (Days Post Ovulation) and it takes other tests days to catch up and show positive. My first positive on Wondfo was on a day when my blood level was at 7, which is just unfathomable to me!! I never would have expected to see a faint line at 7, so I was hooked. I can’t help myself…once I see that line, I need to keep testing and testing for days…and these tests make it possible! On the months where we didn’t have positive tests, it felt better knowing that I wasn’t wasting huge amounts of money for the negative results… Like the HCG strips, the Ovulation test strips from Wondfo have always been reliable and show lines more boldly and clearly than other tests I have used. Unlike pregnancy tests, LH/Ovulation tests aren’t positive unless the TEST line is as dark as or darker than the control line. Throughout your cycle, you might have different amounts of the LH (Luteinizing Hormone) in your body, so you will see a line in the TEST area…but unless it is as dark as or darker than the control line, it is not positive. Please note that many doctors suggest testing every 12 hours from cycle day 6 through ovulation, so that you make sure to catch your LH surge. I know my body and signs of ovulation very well and I always ovulate right at day 14, but I still test like a maniac…lol I do have a long LH surge, though, so I usually have a few positive tests. These are fast (Dip for 3 seconds and read at 5 mins) and reliable! I always test with a digital to confirm (Face it, the blinking smiley face is so darn encouraging!)…lol I just love these strips! As I mentioned we have been pregnant 10 times (Twice with twins), but sadly we have also lost 7 of our babies. I have learned more than I have ever wanted to know about TTC (Trying to Conceive) and LH surges and common factors in miscarriage. One important thing that I feel compelled to share is the importance of progesterone!! I had 3 healthy babies before we lost our first angel and I thought there was “nothing wrong” with me. My doctor is amazing and ran a million tests for us even though we had lost 1 baby after 3 healthy ones…God bless her! She did find some clotting issues and autoimmune things that may have contributed to the death of our first angel, but she also noted my progesterone levels were low. She went on to check my hormone levels throughout the next couple of cycles and saw that I was really not making enough progesterone to adequately help a developing embryo. She put me on progesterone supplements from ovulation until my cycle each month (and eventually throughout my next pregnancies) in order to help me get pregnant and stay pregnant. I had never known that some things I thought were common and normal are actually signs of low progesterone: – Brown spotting at the beginning or end of your cycle – Breakthrough bleeding – Short Luteal Phases (Less than 14 days from ovulation until your cycle starts) – (In pregnancy) Cramping…CRAMPING IS NOT NORMAL…Common, yes…normal, no. It is a warning sign of low progesterone (It it also an indication of dehydration or a possible infection…always have cramping evaluated and INSIST on a progesterone level draw!!) – (In pregnancy) Bleeding or brown spotting If you have any of the above symptoms, please ask your doctor to check your progesterone level. During your cycle the most simple and telltale way to see if there is a progesterone issue is to check your level 7 days after ovulation. (Or IMMEDIATELY if pregnant) When you get your BFP (Big Fat Positive/Positive Home Pregnancy Test), ask your doctors to confirm with a quantitative HCG level AND a progesterone level…even if you have never had a problem in your life. Just do it to be safe. Ask them to help you keep your progesterone levels over 20 in the beginning and they should go up from there. If the information in my review saves even ONE baby’s life, then I will feel better knowing that our grief and losses have not been in vain. In the pictures I have attached, first note my urine is extremely concentrated because I was not allowed liquids for 12 hrs before labs, but that is also when I knew my LH surge would hit…so please know I normally hydrate well! 🙂 The first picture is the Wondfo ovulation strip. The next one is a Wondfo strip next to another brand I have used, so you can see how the Wondfo strip is even darker and more obvious. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      The 50/20 pack I received are counterfeit. The product packaging does not match what WondfoUSA shows is authentic on their site. Read more

    4. Elise

      I want to send good karma out by thanking all of the products I used to get pregnant! This product is one of them! I was using these for 8 months and they helped me pinpoint the day that I ovulated. i used more expensive brands, too, but these are the best (when the instructions are followed correctly) because there are many more included in each package and they are the same kind of test, just cheap. I briefly used a $300 bracelet which claimed to be able to track my ovulation but in the end it was the wondfo that gave the most accuracy. The bracelet would tell me I was probably ovulating, then the next day would say, “Oops, you might actually ovulate today, instead” etc. which made it necessary for me to use the wondfos anyway! So in the end if I had to use wondfo to confirm ovulation then what was the point of the bracelet? Haha I sold the bracelet and went back to exclusively using the wondfo tests and everything worked out great. We are pregnant! I gave 4 instead of 5 because sometimes the company sends you a pack that is about to expire within a few months. I obviously would prefer fresher ones. Read more

    5. Pinkammo4x4

      Bought these because I thought I would need them next month, low and behold I was able to use the HCG Test because now I’m expecting!! Woohoo, I’ve also heard Opks will show positive when pregnant (I do not recommend using them in place of HCG Test) but I tried it just to see and they have all shown positive. The HCG Test work great, takes some time to progress but just keep testing and you will see it slowly get darker. Keep in mind if you have a pink line at all then more than likely you are pregnant and it isn’t necessary to keep testing. If your like me you just like to see the line get darker every morning for my sanity. I’ve attached some pics of FRER, equate and wondfos. The wondfo s are hard to see in the pic and take all diff times of the day. I drink tons of water and it still picked up diluted HCG. Good luck!! Read more

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