Yykg 3 in 1 diaper bag backpack with converting station, travel bassinet foldable child bed, expandable diaper bag, big-potential multifunctional colour water-resistant diaper backpack with usb charging port

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  • 3-layer excessive-density impervious cloth, sensitive contact, durable, water resistant, stain-evidence, and clean to smooth. The honeycomb breathable alternative pad is cozy and smooth.
  • [baby diaper bag backpack size] 12. 6l * 7. 9w * sixteen. 1h inches, folded crib length: 29. 9l*12. 6w*9. 1h inches, weight: 2. 78lb. The considerate excessive-frequency bag layout on the the front can organize baby bottles well. The interior is product of high-quality thermostatic aluminum foil and has the feature of setting apart dry and wet.
  • [large capacity + upgrade multifunctional bag] offer enough space to preserve the essential gadgets to keep order, and is equipped with a unique privateness safety bag with a zip, that may keep valuables including cell telephones and wallets. They are able to store the whole lot the baby wishes, making it best for organizing toddler care. The unfolded crib can provide an area for toddlers to rest and alternate diapers quickly, in order that the own family can take care of the child’s health at any time.
  • [diaper bags for baby girl convertible into a baby crib] it takes just a few steps to easily flip a backpack right into a journey crib: create a heat and specific area for games and sound asleep for brand new born essential ladies . Backpack with colour cloth: defend your toddler’s eyes from the solar. This perfect and sensible solution makes it simpler for the mom to finish the infant’s whole journey. The aspect panels of the sleeper have a breathable structure mesh structure, which is more comfy.
  • [unisex fashion diaper back pack]: it could be used as a diaper bag for female or boy, diaper garage bag, maternity little one care bag, nappy tour bag, carrying bag or placing on a stroller. The trendy look and multifunctional design can meet the needs of various occasions. It’s far prepared with an ergonomically designed shoulder strap that assist you to loosen up and relieve pressure. Very suitable for travel. In addition, it may additionally be used as a present for new moms.
  • through shopping our merchandise, you may get a regular size diaper bag backpack, loose diaper changing pad and two brackets with magnets. We promise to offer you with best after-income carrier, even in case you are not glad, you may go back or alternate the products. If you have any questions on the product, please sense loose to contact us.
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diaper bag backpack with tour bassinet, cellular crib

revel in the experience-the diaper bag backpack may be without problems converted right into a crib, offering a place for toddlers to rest or trade diapers quickly

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offer sufficient space to keep the important gadgets to preserve order, and is geared up with a completely unique privacy protection bag with a zip, which could store valuables including cellular phones and wallets. The front layout can arrange toddler bottles properly. The indoors is fabricated from superb thermostatic aluminum foil, which has the characteristic of keeping apart dry and moist. The paper bag design at the aspect is handy for easy get right of entry to.

with the help of the usb charging port, you can rate the tool at any time, you handiest want to fit the strength bank (observe: the strength financial institution isn’t covered within the listing)

the returned of the diaper bag backpack is prepared with hooks, which can be directly related to the stroller for clean journey

the fabric is manufactured from 3-layer excessive-density impervious fabric, with a delicate hand sense, robust and durable, waterproof, stain-evidence and clean to smooth.

elegant mommy bag

[baby diaper bag backpack size] 12. 6l * 7. 9w * sixteen. 1h inches, folded crib length: 29. 9l*12. 6w*9. 1h inches; weight: 2. 78lb

journey bassinet foldable infant mattress

smooth to tour-whilst we tour somewhere, we’ve journey items, and babies additionally have toddler journey items.

this toddler backpack keeps the entirety in area, so that you don’t have to worry approximately messy items.

may be folded-may be effortlessly opened and turn out to be a diaper changing station, the linked bed is breathable and no longer stuffy

the child can sleep and play in it, and the color fabric can block the solar; it may be without problems folded while not wished.

  • the benefits of child backpacks, light weight, stylish and flexible, is a perfect tour choice.
  • note:-suitable for newborn babies from 0-twelve months old.
  • the facts cable and mobile telephone within the picture are not blanketed in the packing list.
  • beginning and recycling techniques

    first, open all the zippers of the crib, positioned the changing pad first, and then insert the bracket into the facet hole of the fence (consult with the photo)

    the second step is to lay the bracket completely flat and input the crib to finish the meeting

    recycling method: pull the 2 brackets to each aspects and fold them in an “x ”shape

    ultimately compress like an accordion until the backpack is completely recycled. (please notice: do not vigorously function in the course of the complete system, so as no longer to harm the bracket)


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    5 reviews for Yykg 3 in 1 diaper bag backpack with converting station, travel bassinet foldable child bed, expandable diaper bag, big-potential multifunctional colour water-resistant diaper backpack with usb charging port

    1. Amazon Customer

      Got for baby shower gifts she loved Read more

    2. Mirina

      It was a beautiful diaper bag and had everything that was advertised!! And held more than I expected it too. Read more

    3. Happy customer

      Baby shower gift. Only issue no setup instructions. Read more

    4. Rae

      I have been getting these for my new moms, of which we have a few now, and using these. This is a brilliant item, but in the interests of full disclosure, I must say that they are nearly all identical. I was surprised when I started noticing that the only differences are price, which can vary up to around fifteen dollars, and then the inclusion of a sunshade on some models. A few newer models have a shorter style bag, which means that your baby will feel slightly less protected and slightly less like they feel in a bassinet, if they take a little nap in the changing station, which is also a supervised-use travel-bassinet, so I was surprised by that change and realized that this design, the item you are looking at, is the best design, because it’s taller at either end, more like a bassinet. This standard backpack style diaper bag, which opens up into a little bassinet and changing station, is a brilliant concept and every one I’ve tried has been perfect. Of course, you should never leave a baby unsupervised to sleep in one of these, as they are not the same as true travel bassinets, but they work very well for the purpose of having a baby sleep next to you on a sofa, as you supervise and we’re just loving using this. In testing, I have found that these work very well in the home, actually inside the home as home changing stations. Instead of using a table and large pad that would allow your baby to roll, which is unsafe, you have what is essentially a cage that prevents your baby from rolling or falling. This can be placed on any safe surface and will keep your baby contained and safe from those falls that we all fear. That is God sent for all of us who have very active babies who don’t want to stay still while having their diapers changed, and in our group that is a lot of us. Every woman in our group has had a near miss where their baby started to roll on the changing table, just as mommy was grabbing the new diaper or the cream or the wipes, and it’s so terrifying when that happens. I have never had that happen, but that was only because I used an old travel bassinet instead of a foam changing pad. This type of pen or enclosure is so so much safer at keeping the baby from rolling into danger and falling that I am recommending this to everyone I meet. For the increase in safety, by preventing falling, this is a ten star product. This is also brilliant for use in public places. It prevents your baby from coming into contact with surfaces that you might not want them to touch. This keeps your baby in a safer place, contained, away from dirty surfaces, unable to move their little hands and legs off of a flat changing-pad such that they would touch everything around them. Now we all know that some exposure to germs is needed, to develop a good immune system, but public restrooms are not the place to expose babies to those immune-system building germs. It’s simply not the safest environment, but public changing stations are always located inside a restroom next to a toilet with no lid. By using this changing station, you can keep your baby safer from that environment. That alone makes this the best item for every mom with a little baby. Of course, out in the world, this also prevents rolling and falling, just like it does at home, and because public restrooms have hard floors, falling from a public changing table is really dangerous. Again, this wins as a safety device. Oftentimes the strap on public changing tables is broken or missing entirely, which makes this diaper bag and changing station a real game changer for public restroom diaper changing, as to safety. Of course, we all know not to turn our backs on our babies, even in a little bassinet like this, for all the reasons you are thinking of, but this is so much safer at containing your baby than anything I’ve seen for changing diapers in public places. As to the issue of operation, you do want to practice a bit with being able to quickly assemble the changing station pen, connecting those little rods that keep the top of the mesh sides from falling down. This takes a little practice, just a little. At home, we leave one up all the time, because it is our primary changing station, but out in the world you want to be able to assemble it very quickly, so I do tell everyone to take twenty minutes and practice getting it opened and closed very quickly, because the first couple of times were difficult for me and a couple of moms, but we all got it with a little practice. As to this bag specifically, on features, you have excellent storage capacity in the interior compartment of the diaper bag portion of this bag. It has the insulated pockets for bottles, is very well made, is very well sewn, and appears to me to be built to last quite a while. The color is exactly as pictured, the zippers work really well. The backpack straps are comfortable and the bag is working very well and holding up to repeated use. I’m really impressed with this one, but then I was impressed with all of them. Overall, this is a very worthy contender, an amazing gift for new mommy, a wonderful option for a home changing station, and is worthy of ten stars, because it’s that good. I am recommending this to everyone. This is definitely the style of diaper bag that you want for versatility and safety. As to choosing one, it comes down to color and price and then whether or not you want a sunshade and are planning to use the bassinet feature on picnics, for example. There is a difference of sizing by just a few inches in length on a few models, so I say check the measurements and get what works for you as to size of the bag and changing station. The main point as to this specific bag is that it is very well made and works very very well and is very very very safe to use as a changing station because it keeps your baby from rolling. This model also includes a sunshade which works well for the purpose. I wish you luck in your search. Read more

    5. SKidwell

      Having tried several versions of this “portable bassinet and diaper bag” combo, there are a few things that I look at to determine the overall quality and use of these types of bags. For starters, the overall style and appearance is very cute. Its a beautiful soft pink color with tan/gold accents, very feminine, and simple. There are not a ton of extra bells and whistles on the outside which can be good if you are looking for a more simple bag. As far as the functionality as a diaper bag goes, the zipper quality is pretty good, i’d give it a 4/5. I like a zipper that is buttery smooth when opening, and this is pretty close to doing just that. The outer pocket that doubles as a baby bottle cooler is nothing to write home about, but certainly does as its intended. Its also nice that it fits a total of 3 bottles where other bags similar to this fit only 2. Inside of the outer zipper pouch is a suppsoed wet/dry pocket, however if you were dealing with wet soiled clothing, you’d be hard pressed to jam anything down in there. I like that on the outside corner of the back is a place to hold a water bottle for mom. This is extremely handy, especially when using this as a stroller bag. On the opposite side is a pouch for tissues, which if your child is anything like mine, snotty noses galore!! This bag also features a power bank pocket where you can easily add your own power bank source and charge your phone on the go. Probably the most frustrating part of these bags comes from trying to use it as a bassinet. Overall, the bassinet portion of this bag is made pretty well. It can be a bit frustrating to get it together the first couple of times, but after you get the hang of it it gets easier. I have yet to find a portable bassinet bag that I would actually feel comfortable allowing my son to sleep in for an extended amount of time. These are just not good options for long nap times. My son likes to move and roll, and this CANNOT contain him. Perhaps if he were a newborn it would be an option, but now at roughly 11 months old, he can easily destroy this thing. Overall, its an excellent option as a diaper bag and has many uses for changing diapers on the fly. It would work well as a baby shower gift for new moms and certainly is a nice gift. Overall, I’d recommend it to parents, but only if your baby is less than 6 months old. Any older than that the bassinet portion becomes less usable. Read more

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