Zen sack – lightly weighted sleep sacks child: 0 cotton one hundred% assist newborn/infant swaddle transition way gadget washable

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  • 100% cotton
  • gadget wash
  • help your baby sleep longer – our gently weighted zen sack mimics the stress your child feels while held by way of you. Helping infants to self soothe & sleep via the night time while not on your arms. Mother and father record longer sleep in 1-3 nights.
  • made for toddlers all shapes, sizes & levels (a long time zero to 24 months) – whether you are seeking to transition from a swaddle or the developmental changes are inflicting regressions, positioned these sleep disruptions to mattress with the zen sack
  • product data – the zen sack classic is made from one hundred% cotton and has a tog score of 0. Five which makes it perfect for yr-round consolation. To examine more approximately weight distribution, sizes, care commands please test the product pictures
  • vital functions – safe for all sleep types (returned/facet/tummy sleepers). 2-manner zipper system allows easy diaper adjustments. A wearable blanket with adjustable shoulder snaps grows with the infant.
  • pride assure – if at any point in time – for something reason – you need to be disillusioned with the zen sack – don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer customized suggestions to help you!
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  • what’s the bean accessory colour at the puffin birthday party sack? I can’t inform if it’s far red or purple.
  • query: what is the bean accent shade on the puffin birthday celebration sack? I cannot inform if it’s far purple or purple. Answer: it’s a orange-pink coloration. Through carrie on february 1, 2019 collapse all solutions

  • is this for infants to not get scared frequently even as sound asleep?
  • question: is that this for babies to not get scared often whilst dozing? Solution: no, i don’t suppose this could assist. If infant gets startled without problems, i would advocate the zipadee-zip. That’s what i used to transition out of the swaddle and it helped loads. Now we use this sleep sack due to the fact she doesn’t startle anymore. The weight at the sleep sack offers her a few consolation though and he or she loves it. By way of vivi927 on january 19, 2021 disintegrate all solutions

  • do you want this item?
  • question: do you like this item? Solution: yes! It is really worth the cash. Halo sleep sack is terrific too via nichole on july 3, 2019 collapse all solutions

  • are the beads speculated to be within a sack under the brand? In the 15-24 month i received they’re free for the duration of the top.
  • question: are the beads speculated to be inside a sack beneath the brand? Within the 15-24 month i obtained they’re loose in the course of the pinnacle. Solution: the 15-24 month is scattered via the top. It isn’t always positioned within the brown emblem by melissa h on january 2, 2021 didn’t get answers. See extra solutions (three) fall apart all answers


    0-6 Months, 6-15 Months, 15-24 Months


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    8 reviews for Zen sack – lightly weighted sleep sacks child: 0 cotton one hundred% assist newborn/infant swaddle transition way gadget washable

    1. KBTom

      After three nearly sleepless weeks once my LO hit his 4-month sleep regression and swaddle transition, I was ready to try anything. The sack is cute, well built and soft, but it hasn’t made a long lasting sleep improvement. The first couple of nights he slept 5-6 hours, and I was ready to buy 5 more, but then after a few days he went back to his old habits of waking every 1.5-2 hours. I’ll keep using it because, frankly, I have no other sleep sack option right now, but it’s not the miracle I was hoping for. Read more

    2. Cyclegreen

      If you are a parent with a baby that doesn’t sleep well at night, get this. It has changed our lives. My 10 week old would usually sleep about 3-4 hours in the first stretch of the night and then after that would be up every 2-3 hours, sometimes every hour. Swaddling never helped. He would just grunt and groan and try to free himself from the swaddle. I kept seeing ads for this sleep sack and after reading reviews, decided to give it a try with little hope that I would actually see big changes but figured any improvement would be worth it. I have never been so happy to have been wrong. The very first night we used this, he had his longest stretch of sleep ever and slept over 5 hours in the first part of the night and then anther 3 hours after that. Each night we have been getting similar results with us waking up only 1-2 times a night compared to the 4-5 times a night we had been waking up. Now we have been using this sleep sack for 6 nights and I had to get on here to write this review because my little one just slept for 7.5 hours straight last night and I am finally a well rested mommy. I’m not saying this will work for all babies, but I am saying it is definitely worth trying because if it does work, it’s magical. Read more

    3. Amy C

      Let me just start by saying if you’re thinking about buying this sleep sac for your little one but aren’t sure if it’s worth it or not…IT IS. I am a first time mom and am learning as I go. When I brought my daughter home from the hospital she looked so small in her bassinet and kept startling herself awake. I decided to put her dock a tot inside her bassinet and it fit perfectly! My daughter slept so much better but I soon learned that overnight/unsupervised sleep in a dock a tot does not follow safe sleep guidelines. After scaring myself straight I knew the dock a tot needed to go. I tried to remove it and my daughter was NOT having it. I was desperate to find any other form of safe “security” for her that would help with her sleeping and I stumbled upon this. I do not know what freakish magic is within that little weighted bean on the front but the second I put my kid in it she’s out like a light! I initially went back and fourth on spending 40$ on just one sleep sac but I am SO glad I made this purchase. Highly recommend. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      The packaging advertises better sleep in 1-3 nights. Well night 1 was a bust. Our 4 month old baby girl was still up frequently, and it actually seemed to take longer to settle her that normal, but I highly doubt that had anything to do with the sleep sack. I was not expecting a miracle, but this is my second baby in two years, so I am getting to the point where I’m willing to try anything to get more than an hour or two of sleep at a time. If it changes and she starts sleeping longer, I will update my review. I will say that the sack itself is very nice. It’s soft yet durable, and is made from high quality materials. Plus it’s pretty cute and eliminates the need for a blanket. So I’m not like astoundingly pleased with it, but I don’t hate it either. Read more

    5. Will K

      Full disclosure, this is literally just a sleep sack with a small weight in the chest area. You can probably recreate this with a regular sleep sack and a tiny bag of rice or dried beans. That’s how we felt once we opened it up. But we gave it the benefit of the doubt. We thought it worked well at first but then our 4 month old started tossing and turning like mad during the night. Finally figured out it was this sleep sack causing it. So we decided to try a regular sleep slack that our friend gave us that was really meant for a 12 month old. It’s pretty big for him but it ended up working the same if not better than this. Read more

    6. Mallory

      My daughter has worn these since she was little. She is a side/stomach sleeper so I put the weighted side on her back. Although she is old enough to sleep with blankets now, it keeps her from being able to get her leg over the edge of the crib to climb out. Read more

    7. aiia

      I really wanted to like this sleep sack but didn’t work for my baby. It’s very thin and silky. It says all season, but I’m not sure how warm she really is in this sack. We keep our house on cooler side all year (FL) since my husband and I sleep well in cold. The material is pretty thin so I was afraid she wasn’t warm enough. Also it’s very silky so it was kind of hard to hold her during the night feeding. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      Really wanted to like this. I bought this sleep sack because I liked that my baby could use it for multiple months in a row and I liked how easy it is to get on and off baby. Unfortunately, my baby hated this sleep sack. We have been using the snug swaddles from target and my baby has loved them because it fits him nice and snug but has the option to have his arms out (he hates his arms being trapped). He sleeps very well when he sleeps with the snug swaddles but he is only 4 weeks old and is already starting to out grow the 0-3 month size, so I was looking for something that would last a little longer. The first night I put him in this he woke up every 1-2 hours. He would also wake up as soon as I would lay him down in his bassinet. I gave it another try tonight and had the same issue. I finally decided to put his snug swaddle on and he slept for 3 and 1/2 hours straight and didn’t wake up when I laid him down. Will be returning this. Maybe we’ll try again when he’s older. Read more

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